Do you use products with toxins or have you gone green?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm so lucky that I switched my house over to products that are chemical/toxin free over two years ago. I love to help people become educated and share where I shop! I keep hearing stories about children who get a hold of products that are unsafe and ingest them, so I was wondering what everyone uses! Are you a green family?



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Not at all, Alisha :)

Laundry Detergent. (I usually triple this recipe whenever I make it so I don't have to do it as often. Lasts about 2.5 months in my family of 3)
1 bar of PLAIN Ivory soap
1 cup Borax
1 cup Washing Soda
Grate the bar of Ivory soap on a cheese grater, then mix all 3 ingredients together. To use, add two tablespoons to a standard large load (add a little more if you have a really big machine).

Shower Spray (daily spray--start with a clean shower, then just spray a bit around the shower after you bath to keep it from getting dirty again--keeps soap scum & mildew away)
2 cups water
1 cup distilled vinegar
10-15 drops of Tea Tree Oil.
Mix it all together

Stain treatment
1/2 cup washing soda or baking soda
1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide
1 cup water.
Spray on stains to pretreat, or use any other place you would use Oxyclean.

Multi purpose Cleaner
5oz rubbing alcohol
3oz white vinegar
1 teaspoon laundry detergent
1 teaspoon white ammonia
a few drops of essential oil
Add the first 5 ingredients to a 24oz spray bottle. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with water. (You can use a 20oz bottle too, it's just a bit stronger).

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We use green products--most cleaning supplies I make using different concoctions of the same few household ingredients. I prefer homemade supplies because I always feel very guilty tossing out so many empty bottles. This way I get to reuse them many times before they fall apart. That said, they are still dangerous in ingested. I have always kept my cleaning products in the latch cabinet above my washer & dryer, and the door to the laundry room secured. My son is now 9 years old, and helps with the chores so I've moved the ones he uses to a lower cabinet--still secure for toddlers (I don't have any young kids, but sometimes they visit), but accessible for my 9 year old.

I make the laundry detergent using a 3 ingredient recipe our pediatrician gave us because my son's skin was so irritated. I've been using that concoction for 6 years now. I use dried lavender to scent my laundry (dried lavender in teabags dropped in a muslin, drawstring pouch).


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I definitely try to avoid toxins at all cost, I was using Vinigar, Baking soda and things like that. However I found it just didn't seem to work as good as I'd hoped and honesty, it stunk, and made cleaning even more boring. But I was recently introduced to a company that makes a lot of sense to me. It is simply a manufacturing company that competes directly with Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson. The difference is they focus on wellness, and on being healthier, safer and greener. All while competing with Walmart's and Target's prices. Its easy shop from home direct shopping, and saving tons of money over those other companies. In this economy I love that!

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Kelly -would you mind sharing the laundry detergent recipe and the other cleaning recipes?

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I've been using green products for 10 years. It helps with our skin conditions.

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