Do your children snack thorughout the day? or eat at meals and have a few snacks?


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Crystal - posted on 01/25/2009




It depends on HOW they snack. My daughter used to graze all day and that was fine, it was generally healthy (a treat here and there tho) so I just made sure she was getting all the nutrients she needs. However, she started to refuse meals and healthier choices, so now she is offered breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and supper. Dessert / bedtime snack depends on how well she ate supper. While the grazing is fine, when she started to say she was full from supper, then request a snack five minutes after supper was cleared away, the snacking became very closely monitored. Use your judgement, and see what works for your family.

Marie - posted on 01/25/2009




Breakfast should be the largest and healthiest meal of the day, then a small snack like apples, then lunch, and maybe 3 hours before dinner crackers and cheese or a small something else. Kids are growing so fast and constantly that there body's need the nutrients to maintain that, plus they are so active that it burns off long as they are not obese or anything of course. Snacking is proven to be healthier in small portions in between meals anyway to keep the metabolisum running correctly. Big, and only three meals a day slow things down and you end up gaining more weight that way. I do offer my children a snack here and there and if they don't want it then they just wait for the next meal.

Dot - posted on 01/25/2009




As long as the snacks are of good nutritional value it can't hurt. Even if the child doesn't eat much at meals, some kids just prefer grazing. There are many nutrition experts that would come down on the side that this might be healthier for all of us. Just limit what the snacks are and make certain that they are not just reacting to boredom. If it feels too close to dinnertime, offer something to do to "help" you prepare the meal or at least an activity in that vicinity. I used to allow my young kids to snack on frozen peas (they loved them better than cooked ones) while I was working on making dinner. Also keeps them occupied chasing them around the highchair tray.

Kelsey - posted on 01/25/2009




I too have the set meals and times for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And usually a snack after my oldest gets home from school and sometimes a morning snack if my youngest is hungry.  But nothing to big for the snack.

Jolie - posted on 01/25/2009





i offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner at set times.  If she eats, great!  But when she doesn't she will let me know when she is hungry and she gets a snack, usually a banana or apple or samll box of raisins - nothing too big, that way I know she will eat at her next meal.  Mine is a grazer, but i use this technique to try and control when and what she eats.  Her doctor told me, she will not starve herself, she doesnt understand that concept yet.  I hope this helps

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