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So, we went for her 18 month check-up today, and with some of the questions I've seen on here in mind. I am not the type of person to believe blindly what a doctor says just because they are a doctor. I am also not saying these are my personal opinions. I am just putting them out there for everyone to read!

Potty Training - She is ahead of the curve in communication, understanding and following instructions, but he suggested I NOT begin potty training until after her next doctor vist at 2 years old. Why? Because while she can communicate and understand, it is a difficult process that involves sensations that can be uncomfortable. Communication is better at 2, and should lead to less frustration for us both. I also said that when she has to poop, she'll talk about it all day and walk around on her tip-toes with her butt clenched to keep from pooping - especially if she's out in public. She is a good veggie/fruit eater so it is always squishy, but she seems to be preventing herself. He said she probably doesn't like the sensation of it, and is another example of why we should wait to potty train.

Toddler Bed - She COULD climb out of her crib if she wanted to, but doesn't because I told her she could get a bad bonk. She says "Bonk" and puts her leg down and stays in her crib. Should I start with the toddler bed? He said NO. If she's happy putting herself to sleep in there, then let her stay there. If she can stay there until she's 4, great!

Eating - She's a good eater, but sometimes she doesn't want to eat any veggies that particular day. Sometimes, she doesn't want to eat any whole grains on a particular day. He said that it is what she eats in a week, and as long as she's eating balanced meals throughout the week, it is fine. The sweet treat once in awhile is ok too. (A snack my daughter LOVES is dipping Mini Nilla Wafers into a bowl of unsweetened applesauce!)

Best of luck to all of you! I think the most frustrating thing about being a mommy in our current info-world is TOO MUCH INFO, and trying to find what fits us or the "right" thing to do. I am a firm believer of doing what you feel is best, and changing your mind a dozen times to find what works!


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Angie - posted on 04/21/2010




Heather - does he have certain types he doesn't like? Like veggies or fruits or just picky in general? Even at my DD's young age, I put the smallest amount of salt in the palm of my hand for her veggies. I also put just a little bit of an italian cheese blend on her Egg Beaters in the morning. She likes green onions and diced tomatoes for a snack. I've found if it tastes bland or gross to me, she won't eat it either. She also still puts her morning ham chunks in her yogurt, so who knows! Maybe he likes things bland and you're putting in too much flavor? Best of luck!

Louise - I agree about the potty training. I'm all for waiting for better communication!

I'm still nervous about the crib, because she loves to climb things. She's been climbing the couch and such since 12 MO. Sometimes she has a hard time sleeping, and I hear here gabbing and thumping around her crib. I worry she's going to climb out and fall and hurt her head. My cousin's 2 year old died after falling from a 36" slide. It makes me nervous.

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With the potty training thing....I would put him on his toilet once a day at first just to get him used to it. About 4 months later he was asking to go and gets upset when he has an accident. He is 2.5 yrs old.
Toddler bed...I am going to leave mine in their cribs as long as they want to be in there. I tried to put my oldest in one and he cried to be put back in his crib, I guess its a security thing
Eating is a hard one for my oldest...they told me to just keep putting everything on his plate and eventually he will try it. He started being picky at 18 months and the dr told me it was normal, but 6 months later he's still very picky and I have run out of ideas???

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I think we all know our children much better than a GP but I have to say in your docs defence that he is right about the potty training. A child under two knows when they are going to poo and can control it but they find it really hard to control pee. If you potty train to early you are putting a lot of stress onto your little one. You will have success with lumpy nappies but you will be cleaning the floor a lot with the pee. Don't be in a rush to potty train as lots of children regress. I used to work in a preschool and lots of mums made this mistake thinking that there child was ready to potty train as they did not like being dirty. All the training I did all said the same don't attempt under two. As for the other stuff you know when to change the cot into a bed and what is best food wise to give your daughter. Nobody is a better expert on your child than mummy!

Bethanie - posted on 04/20/2010




I have to say, I agree with all of that! I, too, take most things Doctors say with "a grain of salt".

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