Does any one have any good tips on how to keep my baby asleep during the day

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I Can get her to sleep some times can take me 5 mins or an hour but she will only stay asleep for up to half hour she can be sound asleep and ill put her down or get her to sleep in her cot and she will wake up after 2mins sometimes.... Plz Help she gets so over tired and screams :(


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The best thing to do is to look for her sleepy cues and put her in her bed awake. Let her fall asleep on her own and maybe she'll stay asleep. It may take a while but since you won't always be able to rock her to sleep, she needs to learn to do it on her own. Also get some type of background noise. I have a heartbeat bear and it totally soothes my boys to sleep. And you can't rush in to grab her once she awakes. She has to learn to go back to sleep herself. I know it's hard but let her cry for a while. If she hasn't slept long enough and won't stop crying after a few minutes, go in and try to calm her down, but DON'T pick her up! It's going to be hard to break her but she's got to learn to go to sleep by herself. I read a couple books that helped me. One was Baby Wise and the other was Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. Great tips in each of these. Check them out! Good luck!


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My guy didn't like to be wraped but he did like to have two 'hot water' bottles wrapped in flannel blankets on either side of him when he slept. He also like white noise like classical music or a loud fan, that way he can't hear me moveing around in the rest of the house.

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Does she sleep OK at night?

Is she wrapped? My kids all slept better if they were wrapped.

Is she a reflux baby? Maybe if the top of her crib was elevated it would help.

Some babies like white noise, or a really dark room... all of mine have been different.

With one of mine, I had to put him into the crib really slowly. I'd gradually lay him down on my arm, then put him in the crib with my arm still under him, inch it out with one hand on his back and finally tiptoe away. This took a few minutes.

I hope that you find something that works for you both soon.

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