does anyone deal with biting. My son Robert, four, in frustration bites younger brother Michael, two


Sarah - posted on 12/29/2009




I am sure you have already tried many different things, so not sure if this will help. When 4 yr old bites I would suggest talking to him about what he could say/do instead of biting. Really encourage him to use his words. I would suggest even encouraging the words at other times too. This will help him get into a habit of using his words instead of actions when in anger or frustration. When he does bite after explaining what he could say do a time out (for 4 mins.). In order to get out of time out he must say sorry to brother and give him a hug. Some of the biting is just their age difference. I am sure that sometimes the 2 yr old "has it coming" not that biting is ok.

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