Does anyone else have a hard time getting started in the morning?

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I don't sleep very well at night and I want to sleep in the morning. My daughter is 2 1/2. We are not up at 8 a.m. I feel really bad about this. I have a hard time gettting awake and ready for my day. I feel like it takes for ever for us to get out he door. Does anyone else have this problem? What to do?


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I agree with Andrea, going back 5 minutes at a time will gradually get you waking earlier and earlier.

That said, let your little one sleep as late as she likes. Sleep is VERY important for little ones, and cutting nighttime sleep short can make her crabby and restless all day. Once she is getting ready for school, or preschool, you can start waking her 5 minutes earlier each week until she's on the right schedule.

Does it take forever because you are awake, but just can't get focused and moving? That is my problem--I'm up, but we're just kind of mulling about the house not doing anything, like I can't get started.

I take a shower FIRST thing in the morning--literally, stagger from the bed into the shower and pamper myself for 10 minutes with good soaps and hot water. This helps to "wake me up" and take that "I want to fall back into bed" feeling away....or at least diminish it enough that I can fight it.

Next I dress--skip the comfy robe or I'll want to stay in it all day. Now I'm ready for the day, so I might as well do something.

I make a list of things I need to do that day. I try to organize it by things I need to do at home, things I need to do away from home, and then by priority. That way I can group errands together to save time. Also, my errand may be mid morning, which makes cleaning the whole house impossible before hand, but if I have a list, I can tackle a couple of small tasks that need to be done, and check them off my list.

Last but not least, and a little weirdly, checking things off my list is a HUGE motivator for me to get going. I get a little buzz from scratching through my to-do's.

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I don't have a choice as my oldest is at school and the baby DOESN'T SLEEP (50 minutes at a time all night long and then up by 6 at the latest - yes I'm a zombie). Seriously provided that you are getting done everything that you want to get done during the day ENJOY it! If it isn't a problem for you then don't bother trying to change it! How I wish that I had a baby that would sleep in just a little!

All of that said, if it is affecting your life and you want to change it, set your alarm for 5 mintues earlier than usual and get up and into the sunshine as fast as possible, then the next day set it 5 minutes earlier again. This gets your body used to getting up earlier gradually so that it isn't such a shock to the system. Then once you get to the time you are OK with getting up at stop changing it.


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That is a great idea. I never thought about getting up a few mins early. I always think in terms of hours. Maybe I will try 15 mins. at a time. You are great. Thank you so much momma!

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My son who is two has always slept in until about 10 am. Sometimes i worry about it, but he is perfectly healthy! Hes tall for his age and i personally chalk it up to his growth. I have a very hard time getting up in the morning even at that time! I know that's not good but i have never had an easy time getting up in the morning. if you want her to sleep later i would suggest putting her to bed later. I usually put my son to bed around 8-9 at night, but he doesn't take any naps during the day.

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