does anyone else have a husband that second guess them

Jeannette - posted on 11/13/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




Does anyone else have a husband that second guess them when it comes to your child being sick? I love my husband to death but sometimes he tells me when our daughter isn't sick when i know something is wrong with her or when she isn't feeling good or being herself. it drives me crazy. How do i get him to realize that I'm not just saying that but when she is not feeling good?


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My problem is similar. My husband pushes the doctor on my child when I know it's just a little cold that will go away soon enough. He's so worried she will get really sick and that the cold will get into her chest. I just know it's not that serious and wish he would trust my judgment on when to take her in. So yeah, a similar problem but reversed. :)

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I have had a similar problem. .. .but, it has evolved a bit in time. My son is 8 and every time he is getting a bit under the weather, i pick up on the differences in him before my husband does. I think he believes that i am coddling or making a fuss, but then, it is usually the beginning of a sickness, and perhaps he has learned to trust me a tiny bit. I will keep him home from school when he is congested. I do not know how HE feels, but he can tell me and he is honest, it is nice to give him benefit of the doubt.
My hubby thinks that he should go to school when there is no 'proof' that he is sick. ..temperature, etc.. . .
I tend to want to prevent by keeping him in a restful environment.
My hubby likes to be the decision maker, and this might be the problem, but i have learned to let my son know that i trust his judgement about how he feels. It is quite an empowering and positive thing.

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Take the baby to the doctor when you have a question. Hubby can't second-guess the pediatrician.

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It must be a guy thing, cause I have the same problem. I also think that as mothers we tend to worry to much sometimes. We can end up turning little sniffles and sneezes into something major. Maybe he just feels like your getting over excited and letting yourself get worked up over something that is not really threatening. Thats not saying that he doesn't believe you that she is sick but maybe he just doesn't see it as major as we moms do.

Alicia - posted on 11/13/2009




my husband does the same thing..i dont pay it no attention..cuz guys r diff then women..we worry about the littlest things with our kids..guys just seem to be like uhhh its okay..its just a little cold

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I have the opposite problem - my hubby thinks the kids are more sick than they are when they have even the slightest cold. He worries like crazy and then has me second guessing myself, only to find out that they're fine and I was right not to be worried in the first place. Talk about added stress!

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