Does anyone else have trouble getting RSVPs for partys?

Virinica - posted on 10/19/2015 ( 5 moms have responded )




Recently had a party where several people did not respond at all, some showed up without responding, some people who responded yes, then didn't show and some responded late as a yes and then didn't show either? Is this the norm? It was a Childs birthday party and she was somewhat disappointed that some of her friends who she thought would be there were not. (although she got over it quickly! )


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Jill - posted on 10/26/2015




Best to create a drop in style party or have contests with really prizes at the beginning of the party (in place of goody bags or in addition to and then word will get around that it is not wise to be late to your parties.

Everything in life these days comes down to excellent marketing. It's not so much about rudeness as it is about crazy, high-stress, highly compromised lifestyles.

Ana - posted on 10/25/2015




People are not taught theses days how to behave properly and how to respond to an invitation.

You almost have to tell them RSVP by this date with the number of people attending for planning purposes and due to limited spacing.

Sometimes that doesn't even work.

Rude to not answer and Rude to just show up, Period.

Jodi - posted on 10/22/2015




Unfortunately, it seems to be happening more and more. I find it incredibly rude.

Rebecca - posted on 10/20/2015




Yes!!! Unfortunately this seems to be the norm. My son's last bday party about 4 people rsvp'd yes then didn't show up and about 5 didn't RSVP at all. I took in account all of those people and bought enough pizza, cake, supplies etc for them. It ended up only 3 people out of 20 showed up and we gave plenty of notice! My son was really disappointed. of course you expect a few to forget, but 9? Every time it gets close to one of my children's bdays I wince.

Emily - posted on 10/20/2015




Hi Virinica,

This is always a struggle with planning my boys' parties...Unfortunately, it does seem to be the norm now. I try to just have extra supplies on hand for those surprise guests (and their inevitable younger/older siblings in tow).
I hate to see the children upset when people don't show, though. :(

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