Does anyone have any advise on working from home? Question!

Emma - posted on 01/07/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have a six month old son and i love him to bits! i want to start working again but i feel like hes too young. Does anyone have any advise on working from home?

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Taryn - posted on 01/07/2009




Hi Emma!  I too own my own business and it was the best direction I could've taken in allowing me to stay home with my kids.  You just need to decide if you are looking for a "job" from home, like transcription or similar, or wanting to invest a little more into your future and start a lucrative business.  Having ownership of something, I feel is far more rewarding and your options for income are endless.  You get out what you put in.  I work around my play time with my kids, which is usually about 8-10 hours a week, I'm my own boss and the best part is, it's fun!  I'm been able to get into great shape after my 2nd (he's now 9 mos) and make a business out of inspiring others to get healthy too.  If fitness and being healthy excites you as it does me, I'd love for you to check out more about what I do:

Best of luck to you.


Meghan - posted on 01/07/2009




I work from home as a Team Leader with Tastefully Simple. I own my own business, I set my own hours and I love what I do. Check out my website to learn more at and please feel free to email me with any questions at

Martha - posted on 01/07/2009




One job which works well from home is a transcriptionist.  You have to have good keyboarding skills and  may have to take a course to be certified, e.g. medical transcritptionist.  This has worked out well with one of my friends.

Emma - posted on 01/07/2009




i work from home a boaring job but brings the money in i have 3 children and its hard to get it done with them around as they need my attention so i tend to get them settled in bed then start work its very hard cos if u need to work in the day time they tend to know and want u that little bit more.

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