Does anyone have any experience with Shriner's Hospital and if so what kinds of services have you received there?


Gloria - posted on 01/10/2013




Julie, my nephew used shriners hospital. When he was 14 he was sliding down one of those big big slides and somehow his feet stuck to the side and it popped his knee, his growth plate was damaged. So when he started hitting his growth spirt, one leg started growing faster. Shriners did surgery and he has only a small diff in leg lenths. Shriners are the best place to take a hurt person. Its free and they do unbelievable stuff.
My other nephew when he was 16, one of his friends had pointed a rocket at the house door and it was about the time my nephew came outside. The kid didnt do it intentionally but those july 4th rockets can get away from you if not careful. It burned my nephews face. My other sister to him to shriners. They paid for everything if I remember right even the transportataion. hope this helped... Gloria

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