Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best handle a 20-month old bully??

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Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best handle a 20-month old bully?? I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 and my daughter pushes other kids and yanks toys out of their hands for the reaction. I know this is somewhat normal for children this age but I think my daughter's goes a little beyond. She has two brothers, she's the middle child, and it mainly seems to be older/bigger children that she "picks" on. Thanks in advance for your responses.


Kate CP - posted on 03/25/2009




I would be sure to tell her that if she continues to be "mean" to the other kids they won't want to be friends with her or share toys or play. Whenever she takes a toy from another child I would calmly, without saying anything, take the toy back and hand it back to the original child. Then I'd take my daughter out of the situation and put her on the sidelines so she can watch the other kids playing together. While watching the kids I would talk to her: "See how nice they are playing? Doesn't that look like fun? The other kids don't want to play with a little girl who takes their toys. The other kids don't like little girls who hit and push them. It hurts them and it hurts their feelings." Whenever she's playing nice with the other kids make sure you don't interrupt her but make eye contact and smile really big and let her know you approve. When she comes over to you to talk or it's time to go make sure you tell her how proud you were that she played with the other kids and made good choices about taking turns and not pushing or hitting.

Good luck!

One thing to remember is that at this age kids really don't understand the concept of sharing. Taking turns is much easier for them to understand and adapt to.

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