Does anyone MAKE Halloween costumes anymore?

Jodi - posted on 10/28/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




Sometimes I feel so old fashioned! Last year I entered our then 7 month old in a costume contest...there were about 20 kids in her age group (0-3) and about 50 other older kids that had entered...and we were one of 3...THREE...people who MADE the costume!!!! Everything else was storebought!
This year, my sister is the only person I know who is making a costume besides myself. Does ANYONE do this anymore? Does anyone enjoy it as much as I do? I think it's much more creative for your child to help come up with a costume idea and help make it and be more satisfied and have a bigger sense of accomplishment than just dishing over money to purchase a costume 50 other kids will be wearing.
Don't get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with buying Halloween costumes...but whatever happened to making them?


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Jocelyn - posted on 10/31/2011




I didn't make my kids costumes this year (but I altered them, does that count? lol) I have made costumes in the past, I just ran out of time this year :S
I did manage to make my own costume this year...I went as Katy Perry so I made a cupcake bra and all the accessories out of foam and glitter lol.

Michelle - posted on 10/29/2011




I would if I had time to. I don't right now though. My 3 kids are 4 and under. I usually can find stuff that so far my kids have liked off season for practically nothing. My mom used to make our costumes when I was a kid. It would be neat to make my kids. Right now I barely have time to fix dinner at night. So it will have to wait until the kids are older...

Jennifer - posted on 10/29/2011




Costumes run about $20 a piece around here, and I have 4 kids. I just don't see spending that kind of money for 1 or 2 nights. I don't normally make them though. I usually buy them from goodwill or some other second hand store, then I will make accessories out of things I find at home. I live outside of a very very small town, and most are working class or lower, so it is common to see homemade stuff.

Rebekah - posted on 10/29/2011




At least in my area, you can find costumes so cheap (sometimes) that it's just not worth it to spend money on supplies and then spend time to make a costume. I got my daughter's costume at the end of the year last year for $3.50, my sons knight costume for $14, and my baby's dragon costume for $6 (and it's PJs for later too). No way I could have made a princess, knight, and dragon costume for less than $25.

Jenna - posted on 10/29/2011




I put together Wizard of Oz costumes for my family. Granted, I bought some of them (I didn't want to sew the Dorothy dress--it cost less to buy one secondhand than it would have to buy a pattern and the fabric and the thread, buttons, etc.) But we made the tin man costume, the scarecrow costume and the flying monkey costume. The lion costume was a piece we already had bought another year (also something that would cost more to make than buy secondhand). For me, it's about cost and convenience. If I can find it at the store for cheaper than I could make it, I'll buy it. If it's something that will look way too cheesy bought, than I'll make it, but only if I can do it for cheap enough.

Leeann - posted on 10/29/2011




I'm making my ds halloween costume this year, was supposed to for my dd but she's a pre-teen and doesnt like mom to do these things anymore. lol. Its okay I am going to have fun fixing my ds up like a werewolf. I plan on doing this every year, and if I ever get enough money I plan to make dh and mine costumes.

[deleted account]

I didn't this year for halloween. But I have for conventions. I think I'll be more into making them when her growth slows down and I don't have to pump it out in a week so that it fits on the day.

Lady Heather - posted on 09/07/2011




Where I live it isn't that easy to find materials to make costumes anymore. I tried last year but couldn't get anything I needed. Her first Halloween I made a pirate costume out of fabric scraps I had lying around. Easy to do when the kid only weighs 12 lbs. Haha. This year I'm buying because my baby is due a week before Halloween and I just have no energy to think about making anything.

I like a homemade costume and I think I will try to make them as often as I can, but it's such a headache to get the stuff here that it's probably not always going to happen. It is kind of sad. My mum always made us our costumes. She was an awesome seamstress and they were always fantastic and original. Ah well.

Rachael - posted on 09/07/2011




so I am not a sahm but joined to tell you how much I LOVE sewing my son'd costumes =)

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 10/29/2010




I think it would be fun to make a costume….and it would save money…
My son has been a ninja for 3years in a row….

Sheila - posted on 10/28/2010




I love making my son's costumes. Last year he was a scarecrow and we heard sooo many comments on how cute it was. This year he's going to be a pirate, and even though I stressed about how to pull it off I think it has come out quite nicely. The best part is that you can make a costume for little or no money.

Ricky - posted on 10/28/2010




I am. Im hand sewing my sons costume (because I currently dont have a sewing machine). My mom made all of my costumes and told me I am not allowed to buy them for my son. I groaned at first but it is actually quite fun. And this way he wont look like any other kids. This is my sons 2nd halloween and I will continue to make his costumes until he no longer wants to dress up (like that will ever happen because who doesnt like to dress up)

[deleted account]

I don't sew, but last year I did make my daughter's costume. She was a spider, because her favorite song at the time was "Itsy Bitsy Spider." I stuffed black tights with that pillow stuffing stuff to make the legs. I safety pinned them to a long sleeved black onsie. She wore black tights under the onsie. She was very cute.

This year she's Snow White. It was stressing me out to figure out how to make a Snow White dress, so I ordered one. She loves it and asks to wear it everyday so I don't regret getting it for her. =)

[deleted account]

I DO!!! I love making the costume.....well, I don't love making it so much as I love having my son in something no one else has :) Plus, my son is 6 now and the store bought costumes for kids pretty much all suck.

When he was small, I bought the Tom Arma animal costumes, because well, they are just too adorable, but they only go up to toddler sizes, so I made his costume last year, and again this year. We got tons of complements on it last year and he won a contest. I think this year is even cuter--alien monster--so we'll see how it goes :)

I do have to add, if my son ever asks for a store bought costume, I will buy it for him, but It has to be original and awesome.

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