does kai have a ghost?

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My 2 year old has started for past year shoutin n sayin no stop sleep time at nigh wen hes tryin to sleep wen u go in and ask if hes ok he points to top of the wardrobe and says up there hes started to have a few cuts appear on him av tryed takin him into bed with me but its just the same him tellin sum1 to stop n no does tis mean there is a ghost that is harming my child and keepin him awake tis only happens at nigh time and am starting to worry does any1 have any advice that could help


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Night time can be a scary time for kids.
My kid used to speak in a different fluent unintelligable language at 3. It was kind of creepy and concerning. It eventually stopped.
She'd be playing in her room and I'd be walk by (she was about 3 years old) and I hear her very seriously talking to someone. I'd peek in, it was kind of unnerving. She'd tell me who it was. I assume it was an imaginary friend, there was no one else there of course.
She took this VERY seriously. There was no telling her that this friend was not real.
Also bedtime can be a scary time, scary images that they've seen before can stick in their heads and when it's quiet and dark, that is when little kids have time to think, and the images may pop up. Maybe it was from something very scary that he's seen on t.v. or whatever.
My hunch is that the fear eventually will go away on it's own.

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