does ur oldest get jealous of the little one and start acting out


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Adrienne - posted on 12/19/2009




My oldest is going to be 2 1/2 on boxing day and my youngest is going to be 1 1/2 on boxing day. When we came home with our 2nd son our first didn't know what quite to think about it because he was 1 years old. We didn't find that he was jealous that much at first just a little rough. But he did get jealous over certain things. Like when I was trying to breastfeed he wanted mommy time or when we gave the youngest a bath he would get jealous because it was taking up our time with the baby. Now that they are older it does happen once and a while over little things.

Sheryll - posted on 12/19/2009




My son was 3 when our daughter was born.I dont think he played up cause he was jealous I think it was more he had to be more patient and wait for me to do things for him eg If im feeding my daughter and he asks for a drink I have to say Hang on wait till I finish feeding then I will get you a drink.He is pretty independent for his age anyway. But a way to stop jealousy is try involve older child in thing you do with the baby eg Helping with bathing,changing baby etc and when baby is asleep or if daddy is at home and can look after baby try spend some one on one time with older child even if its just reading a book.

Heidi - posted on 12/19/2009




My little guy did at first. Hes 4 almost 5 and the baby is 3 months(today :( ) and he was so jealous that momma spent more time with the baby...which is really hard not to do no matter what any one tells them self. But now that the baby is older and doesnt need momma so much, my oldest has settled down. Now when it comes to daddy he still doesnt like that. He thinks daddy doesnt need to pay any attention to the baby and if he does our oldest starts acting out.. Hes getting better.. But when hes been an only child for so long it must be hard for him. Weve started droping the baby off at gmas and goin to the movies or the park.. Or whatever he wants to do for awhile. So HE can have some mommy and daddy time. Which has helped things ALOT!!! Good luck

Sheryl - posted on 12/19/2009




my oldest does sometimes! like when the youngest is sick or it can also goes the other way around! but other than that they really are best friends! when we got get my oldest from school. when my oldest son my youngest son they give each other huges! i let both of my boys fall asleep on me till! but when my youngest just home from the hospital my husbend watch which one was not sleepy at the time. then i get the other to sleep! then sometime my other one would just go to sleep with there dad. then we put them in there beds! hope that helps!

Arielle - posted on 12/19/2009




I have no idea how my first is gonna do when this one is born. Its due Feb 9th and my daughter is just now getting to b sleeping in her own room and she still nurses to sleep and when its time for bed she only wants me!!! I'm worried how she'll b when this ones born. So any help u have or get would help me too. lol.

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