Does your 2yr old go to sleep on their own and do they sleep all night?

Tiffany - posted on 12/06/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have a 2 and a half yr old and she still has to have me sing to her or read books to her or sit and watcha movie with her for her to go to sleep. I cant get her to go to bed by herself, and she NEVER sleeps all the way through the night, she always comes into our room and sleeps with us about half way through the night. I've been trying to take her back to her room and put her back to sleep in her own bed but i'm getting way to little sleep to continue. Anyone else have this problem? What did you do to help it?


Aimee - posted on 12/10/2011




My daughter is 2yrs 3 months old, everynight I lie in bed with her, read her 2 books and stay until she falls asleep. She will only let me do it, her dad isn't allowed to, if he tries she cries and carries on, if I leave the room before she goes to sleep, same thing. It is a pain because I now have a 6 week old too and I do feel spread thin at times, but if I am completely honest its also the best part of my day and the last few nights I have bought my baby boy in and we all lie together until she falls asleep. She only started sleeping thru the night just before my son was born, the was that worked for us was sitting her down and talking to her about it, telling her she is a big girl and if she slept all night she could have a present. I bought a few cheap things stickers etc and in the morining she could choose one but only if she slept all night. She clicked on really quick and only needed 5 or 6 presents before they weren't needed anymore. Ok so basically I bribed my child lol but I don't care cause it worked. She sleeps right thru about 4 nights a week now, compared to about 10 times in 2 years. I didnt think it would work because I wasn't sure if she would understand the concept but kids know more than we think!


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I read at least one book to my 2 year old, then she gets about 5 minutes worth of cuddle time. I don't wait for her to fall asleep to leave. Once she seems relaxed or if I start to hurt (which has been happening more with another one almost here), I leave. Some nights she falls asleep right away, others I hear her talking to herself for about 15 minutes. Same thing with waking at night, sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't. Unless she cries for more that 15 minutes in the middle of the night, I don't go into her room. Thankfully mine can't open her door. But if she could and was then going around the house I'd just put up the baby gate.

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I am kindof the same way with my now 4 yr old. I craddled her for too long when she was young and now I dont know how to stop it. I do usually lay with her for a little bit and then tell her I have to do something with the other kids or clean. I got my other 2 to go to bed pretty easily from experience. If they wake up at night I do try to get them back in bed and sit with them for just a few minutes then leave. It will get easier but I also take naps sometimes too when i am exhausted.

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OMG!!! I thought I was the only one with this same problem!!! My 22 month boy falls asleep with me singing and in our bed, usually he slept-took him to his crib-bottle in the middle of the night-until morning. But a few weeks ago he wants to sleep with us!!! I have to be at 7 in my job, so sometimes I really don't have the energy as when I was a sahm!!! I'll try during vacations, but it's tiresome!! You're not alone!!

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my 26 month old falls asleep very quickly and on his own (from day one we put him down awake to fall asleep on his own and i think that is the reason he's so good with going to bed today). he has slept through the night (11hrs) since he was 7 weeks old HOWEVER, a few weeks ago he got fully potty trained so now he's been waking once a night to go potty. he goes to the potty, does his business then goes right back to sleep.
i have a friend who's little one kept coming into her room at night and she put a baby gate up on the outside of his door. the first week she would wake to find him sleeping on the floor at the gate and then after that i guess he figured it out and decided it wasn't worth getting out of bed for anymore. she hasn't had an issue since and has taken the gate down again.

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Until Charlotte was about 2 and a quarter, we would hold her in our rocking chair singing and shh ing and just gently chatting and rocking until she slept, then we'd put her in her bed.

got sick of that and said to her her teddies wanted her to lie with them and we would sit in the chair by her until she want to sleep, from 5 to 30 minutes, sometimes shhing and sometimes not.

then just about a month ago, at about 2yrs and 9mths, we said we're just going out to the lounge and you can see the light and we'll leave the door open and you lie quietly and go to sleep, and she must have just been ready as she did. Then she started getting up in the night and I would take her back, and after a few nights of this, I put her side back on her cot (at 3am) and put her back in her cot. She'd been in a bed since about 2 yrs. Her cot was still in her room, with all her books on it. So she slept in her cot for a month or so til she learned she couldn't get out when she wanted, and she slept fine all night in it, and she recently asked to have the side off and I said Yes, but she must stay in her bed. And she does, YAY! She's a pretty easy kid, always has been, takes guidance and discipline really well. I tell her if she mucks about and gets off her bed, I'll close the door, and she never does. When she was younger she would get off her bed and the door was closed and she would sleep on the floor in front of the door every night.

It's good timing as I will put her back in her bed in a few months, and the baby who is , all going well, due next July can have the cot.

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