does your baby have lots of wind still?

Kylie - posted on 03/23/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




i have a 3 month old son, his always had lots of wind, but its really getting to him, it always wakes him up i give him gripe water it helps, i just wanna know when dose it stop bothering them and when can i stop burping him cos some times it takes ages and i get nothing..??

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Jc - posted on 12/01/2015




Try to massage his tummy feel his tummy bicycle his legs knees to stomach pat his tummy it will help or rub your hands together to make them warm then place your hands on baby's his tummy will help him with Gas wind or constipation or his tummy getting hard.

Sara - posted on 11/24/2015




I'll suggest some organic tea to soothe him from wind. Try babies magic tea. It's organic preservative free tea best for babies.

Jennifer - posted on 03/24/2010




Some babies are incredibly hard to burp, and if they don't burp, then it ends up at the other end and bothering their little tummys. Try different techniques on burping him. Some kids do great on your should getting little pats on the back. Some kids respond better to having their back rubbed (kinda hard). Two of mine responded better to sitting on my lap with my hand cupped around their chin supporting their heads and me switching between rubbing and patting. If he is formula fed, then talk with his pediatrican to make sure he doesn't need a gentler formula. If you are nursing, pay attention to the foods you eat and see if certain ones seem to cause more gas (my last couldn't handle if I had any dairy products). I can't exactly remember when I stopped burping my kids, but I know it was well beyond 6mo. Whenever they started burping on their own. What ever you do, don't stop burping now, because that will only make the gas worse.

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