Does your family's schedule change in the summer?

Amanda - posted on 08/12/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello Moms!
My son started preschool last Wednesday, and my SO will be returning to school next week. I realized that our schedule was much more varied over the summer and not as strict. I was wondering how many other moms did this. Why do you do it?


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Yes, it changes a great deal for us. I try to keep some structure, but things are definitely more varied and relaxed. We have tasks that we do every day, but the timing might vary. Keeping the same set of tasks helps keep some structure while giving us flexibility to work around summer activities that we don't do during the school year because school is so inflexible.

I also designate certain days for certain types of activities. Monday is always cleaning and shopping day, Tuesday there is no TKD class, so that is our day for bigger activities like water parks, hikes, bike trails, etc. because we don't have to watch the time, and he won't be tired out before class. Wednesday is relaxing--we do a storytime at the library, bookstore, or coffee shop; lounge by our pool, or chill at home playing with legos or whatever, to recoup from the Tuesday. Thursdays I try to always do a playdate, and Friday starts the weekend--dad gets home early and we do family stuff. Summer studies and basic chores are woven in every day around those activities. Having that little bit of structure helps give him some stability within his week and makes the transition back to school a little easier, but gives him a relaxing interlude between school years.

We also try to keep bedtime and wake time fairly consistent. I do let him stay up a little later now that he is older, but not by more than an hour.

Jennifer - posted on 08/13/2012




Yep. Summer is more of a just go with the flow time. I have 4 kids, with 2 of them in school. During the school year, it's all about trying to make the most out of each day, because there is so much to get done. When the kids get home, we have about 4 hours to get supper ate, homework done, them have time to run around and play, and baths. They have to be in bed by 9pm to get up by 7:30 for school. In the summer there really is no set time for anything, except maybe lunch time. Even supper is all different times, because we spend most of the summer outside doing things, and tend to not even think about eating til we are ready to come inside.

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