Amy - posted on 01/13/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I love my family but I am tried of staying at home allllll the time. You can only clean and cook so much. I have lost interest in friends and in any kind of hobby. I need help finding something else to love again. Any ideas?


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Christy - posted on 01/14/2010




Playdates is a good suggestion, but also try have coffee dates as well. Invite friends over for coffee twice a month, or hire a babysitter once a week and go out to lunch with friends. Remember, you are not only a wife and mother, but you are also a woman. You need to forfill those needs as well.

Brandi - posted on 01/13/2010




I agree it sounds like you need to get out for a bit. I know that I get like that a lot, too. I try to make a quick trip to the store. I JUMP at any errand that needs to be run. ANYTHING to get some fresh air. It really helps me to perk up a little. I think also, in this time of year (if you live someplace esp. cold) cabin fever is inevitable. good luck.

Jodi - posted on 01/13/2010




Get out and about! I'm usually a total hermit, but here and there I get cabin fever like crazy and it gets me in the dumps so I force myself to get out of the darn house! Grocery store, dollar store shopping, play dates, I also bring my daughter to the play place at McDonald's and to the swimming pool at a hotel. Once I get over that hump of not wanting to do squat, I get pretty social and then eventually fade back to my happy hermit self! lol

Kristi - posted on 01/13/2010




Sounds like you need some "you" time. Take some time to contemplate why are you home. What did you enjoy before? What makes you you? It's easy to forget about your desires among the cooking, cleaning, and childrearing. I love to read and cook (for fun not just for family meals) and when I start getting overwhelmed and feeling unappreciated, I will get me a good book and just soak it in or I will pull down a much loved cookbook and create to my heart's desire.

Hope that helps some.

Shandy - posted on 01/13/2010




have you tried an play dates? Not sure how old or how many kiddos you have but that helps, you get adult convo. and kids get to play.

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