dont no if i should leave my baby's daddy??

Stacy - posted on 03/25/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




i am a mother of 3 wonderful children. But any way here is my story. I am a stay at home mom and my baby daddy is not working right now lost his job of 12 years in december of 2012, but this is not why i am having these thoughts. i love him to death for giving me 2 of my 3 wonderful children but i am just so board with him. i been with him for 4 years now and we do nothing together i stay down stairs and do my daily chores and take care of my children of course he stays up stairs playing video game all day. he is good with the kids when he does bother with them but we do nothing together like go out to eat movies ect............ and there is no affection in our relationship. he never has kissed me and says he loves me or nothing. may i say he is 37 years old and i am 29. he is not abusive and we very seldom have fights but i just cant stand being in this house every day all day. i have no friends because i moved from my home town to his town just to be with him. ive been stuck in this house unable to meet any friends to hang out with because he wont even watch the kids for me to go any where. ive tried to talk to him about him staying up stairs playing vidieo games all day and that is just his life. well any way sorry my story is all over the place im just confussed any advice?? i want to leave cause things will never change with him, but for some reason i finding it really really hard to leave. any suggestions........


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Carol - posted on 03/26/2013




Why can't you leave the house with your kids? I went all over the place even when my kids were infants. There are parks and playgrounds, libraries, museums, playgroups, restaurants, etc. They all accept children and they're great places to meet other moms who probably share a lot of the same interests.

I assume you weren't always bored with your boyfriend or you wouldn't have moved in with him. What's changed?

Mannon - posted on 03/25/2013




You should really talk to him first. See if you can work things out. Give him a month or so to change his ways. Ask him to pick a night, where you both cuddle up on the sofa with a film. Also, try going for walks. Fresh air does help, a lot! Hope this helps. x

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