Double Strollers and Public Transit?

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We're looking into purchasing a double stroller that will be suitable for our 2 year old son and our soon to be newborn......I would like a fairly narrow stroller however, because I take public transit on a regular basis and although our city does have lower floor buses; I find that many strollers are much to bulky and inconvenient when taking a bus.....I would also like a stroller with decent wheels because we have snow 6 months out of the year and pushing a cheap wheeled stroller through snowbanks is not my idea of fun!

We do own a Peg Perego GT3 jogger stroller which I love (it plows through snow and narrow enough to fit on buses) but, alas will not seat two children....Does anyone have suggestions for a great double stroller?


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i know that feeling having two children and taking the bus i have a 21month old and a 7 month i tryied useindg a double stroller it was hard because you have to fold up the stroller to get on the bus and carry it and your baby and get your other child on at the same time i found it easyier to carry my yongest in a carrier and put my 21 month in a small stoller that made riding the bus easier for me hope this helps


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I have an eddie bauer double stroller..I dont know how it does in snow but the size is great. its cushioned and padded all that good stuff like a regular double stoller but it isnt as thick and bulky, and it weighs less than my single stroller. when its folded up it folds the size of an umbrella stroller which is amazing!! Brand new these strollers are $350, I dont know where u live but if you have access to craigs list I would look on there.Where I live they have a local website where we can buy stuff cheap and I got mine for $50.

Helen - posted on 01/23/2010




ive got a graco tandom stroller its good cos its the width of a normal buggy am the wheels r excellent in snow i had it for my 2nd an 3rd child now i use it for my 3rd an 4th its a very good buggy indestructable its alrite on buses i tend to walk more for the excercise but i dont ave a problem with gettin it on buses its better than sum tandoms cos each child has the same space its not cramped for the child at the bk got a huge shopping basket under neath to fits a car seat on the newborn seat

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