Drool + double chin = really bad rash. Help!

Naomi - posted on 12/03/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 6 month old is drooling like crazy and has this adorable cute double chin, but it never dries out because it never gets air. There's this angry red rash in the folds underneath that I've put everything on, from diaper cream to bagbalm, and it does not look any better and it's spreading. Any suggestions on what can knock this and how to minimize the wetness?


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Leisel - posted on 12/04/2009




Aaargh! Sometimes these wet patches can get thrush into them, which will need an antifungal cream to remove. Bottom line is to keep it dry! How!!??? I do not like powder, personally, I always found that it just trapped the fluid against the skin. Luckily if the fluid is coming from his mouth and dripping onto his chin/neck a barrier cream (as has been suggested) should work well. Give it a try first. Hairdrier on cool is a great idea too!

Melissa - posted on 12/04/2009




My sister-in-law said she used Vaseline. I haven't yet tried it though. good luck and please let us know what works for you!

Renae - posted on 12/04/2009




I used Curash powder, I put heaps on so it was all caked in there and got all over his collar, but better than a painful rash. I also washed and thoroughly dried it every day, making him put his head right back so I could get in there. If its really bad get your GP to refer you to a dermatologist, they can give you a prescription cream, it might need an antibacterial cream or something.

Melinda - posted on 12/03/2009




My son is just over 3 months and I have the same problem. I am washing under his neck with my hand using Curash soap free bath. Make sure u pat dry, do not wipe as u will break the skin. Once it is dry i'm then putting on Curash nappy rash cream. I have also put a bib on him to try to help with the drool!! It is already looking better! Good Luck

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Use a towel to throughly dry the area if you can get in there - I had the same issue with my daughter. Otherwise, make a fun game out of using the hairdryer on a cool setting and get under the folds that way. Put baby powder on there too, only took 24 hours for my daughters one to go away and it was NASTY. Every now and again a slight one comes back but now I know how to deal with it, it goes away very quickly. Good luck!!

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