drs mistake.

Jasmine - posted on 06/24/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




What do I do if my child (baby) was given a vaccine that I said no to many times to the nurse and Dr....and then they gave it ti him anyways...and then apologized to as if it was a mistake...then he had a severe reaction to it who do I call or talk to .?


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Denikka - posted on 06/24/2013




I would tend to agree with Lindsay. I'm not much for suing people, but this is professional negligence. You (I hope) clearly stated that you did not want this particular vaccine and they gave it anyways. And especially considering your child had a bad reaction to it..that's just a HUGE medical no no.
I would get as much information on this vaccine as you possibly can. Is it given in a joint cocktail with others (most first vaccines are), which others. Why did you specifically ask not for this one. Ask to see your file and see if your wishes actually were written down.
Were you in the room when the vaccine was given? I know when my kids got theirs done, the nurse explained each vaccine that was given and would basically give a play by play (this shot contains X,Y,Z for these diseases, this one contains A,B,C for these diseases, and this one of for R) before she actually gave the shot. I think that if your doctor didn't tell you exactly what he was giving your child and what it was for, that constitutes some major negligence on his part.
Talk to a lawyer, see what your rights are. At the VERY least, file a complaint with the medical board.

Lindsay - posted on 06/24/2013




I am a very forgiving person but when it comes to my children not as much. I am sorry to say this but I would consult an attorney and teach this nurse and doctor a lesson about listening and writing things down in charts! I would especially do this if you feel as though it was done purposefully and they just did not respect your wishes! What if your child died due to this severe reaction? Would sorry be enough then? My children have bad allergies to things and I depend on their doctor to listen and chart these things so they are avoided. That is a life they are responsible for, mistakes are not ok!

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