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I have just had my first unseccessful attempt at weaning my daughter off her dummy. she did really well during the day so i'm going to keep it that way but night time has proven impossible. she literally screamed constantly for over half an hour and nothing would help her settle down except when i gave in an gave it to her. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas of the best way to wean babies off dummies. and when the right time to do it is. (my daughter is 17 monthson the 17th)


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Melissa - posted on 02/14/2010




I just think it is a crutch... I don't believe they really NEED it beyond 6 months.

Karina - posted on 02/14/2010




I think you have the right idea!!! Some kids just need them as a comforter, my youngest was three when he finally gave up his! I sure dont miss the great dummy hunts though! lol the right time is when they are ready!! Theres no real hurry, and if she can go without it during the day thats a great start! :-)

Tracy - posted on 02/13/2010




I just threw them away when my little boy turned 18 months (He only used one to go to sleep). I have heard the older they get the harder it is to give it up. For me it took about a week of being grizley and grumpy. I had to confort him sometimes too when he had trouble getting to sleep but he is back to normal now. Good luck

Cindy - posted on 02/13/2010




I tried to get my son to give his pacifier up at the age of 2 but he was not having it and then I came up with an idea on his 3rd b day I told him that he would have to give his pacifier up to get his gifts. I could not believe that it worked he handed it over and began to open his gifts. That night he asked for it, but I told him that it was gone with the wrapping paper and to my surprise he did not cry a bit. I guess it takes some kids a little longer. I would have loved to have my son off at 2 , but that did not work out. He is 4 now and when he See's a pacifier he says mama those are for babies and I'm a big boy now..lol

Melissa - posted on 02/13/2010




Mine isn't that old yet, but I have heard from other mothers that you just shouldn't give in. After a few nights they will realize they aren't going to get it. Some other people cut the tip off or put a slit in it so that it doesn't have the same effect and they just won't want it.

Jess - posted on 02/13/2010




hi guys thanks for your help. over here a pacifier is called a dummy lol. i'm just going to wait til she's a bit older so she can understand a bit better that she doesn't need it.

Paula - posted on 02/13/2010




Both my kids were c 2 1/2 when they gave them up at night. There is no 'right' time, just when suits you and your daughter. I 'weaned' them by telling them that, the next one that broke would be the last one. They both accepted this.

Rebecca - posted on 02/13/2010




After a couple of nights she will be fine. It is hard on parents because we do not want to see are children scream. I am guessing that this is a pacifier?

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OK I must have been kept in the dark . . . What is a dummy? A passy? I am sorry... If it is a passy my niece carried hers until she was 6 years old. then the dentist had her mail it to her so that she could get a prize the next time she came in. You could also try the passy fairy and have her place it under her pillow at night so the fairy could take it. I am sorry I do not know exactly what a dummy is.

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