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ear infections after plugs

Betty - posted on 12/03/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my grandson has earaches at least 2 times a month, all Dr gives him is antibiotics. does anyone know of a home remedy that will help..also his ears are always draining some think gummy liquid..Its been 5 months since the plugs were in


[deleted account]

Do you mean "tubes" when you say "plugs"? I only ask because it sounds like you are talking about tubes, but I've never heard them called plugs before (though they do look like little plugs).

The thick gummy liquid is usually liquid that has gotten into the ear then trapped behind the eardrum. The tube will help it drain out, but it will usually cause an ear infection (thus the antibiotics the doc keeps giving him). Make sure he never gets water in his ears--he should wear ear plugs (my son likes the putty ones) when he showers, bathes, swims, or plays in any water at all. It is very easy for water to seep into the eardrum area through the tubes, but not so easy for it to come out until it has caused the infection.

Once you clear up the current infection, and successfully keep water out of his ears, your problems should stop. That said, he's a kid, and they always end up with water in there somehow, there are over the counter ear drops you can buy for swimmer's ear that will help dry the liquid up before an infection sets in. I give them to my son as a preventative anytime he goes swimming or plays at a water park even if he doesn't think any water got into his ears. You don't want to do it too often, though, so still make him be careful for daily stuff like showers and baths.

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