Ear infections please go away and leave my little beby alone!

Charity - posted on 03/29/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son is 11 months old and has multiple ear infections usually double ear infections that just will not go away. In the beginning of January 2011 he was diagnosed with double ear infections and treated with amoxicillan...2 weeks later he still had them...he was treated with zithromax...2 weeks later he still had them...treated with an antibiotic injection 2went back for a follow up still had them doctor said may be due to allergies put him on liquid steroids and zyrtec...here we are 3 weeks later and he is still miserable...not eating or drinking as much as he should and not sleeping...im at my wits end with these ear infections he has an app with an ENT dr. but not untill the 13th of april I feel so horrible bc I know that he feels just terrible...I am still waiting on a callback from his ped. to see if they can see him today bc im worried he might be getting dehydrated im not sure what else to do...


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Jennifer - posted on 03/29/2011




I had a friend who had that problem. She was an adult at the time, but it turned out she had a fungal infection and not bacterial. All the drops and antibiotics she was using obviously did nothing to help, and actually made it worse. Good luck with your little one. Sure hope he feels better soon!

Mabel - posted on 03/29/2011




I had the tubes also but I got mine at 2yrs old and I remember going in to the hospital and my mom buying me a pair of house slippers=)I haven't had a problem with my ears since then.

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