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How many meals of baby food a day should my 9 month old be eating, and how many ounces of baby food, along with how many ounces of formula?? I'm feeding him 3 meals a day (2 tbps of cereal, with 2.5oz of veggie and fruit) and he drinks about 24oz or less of formula....??


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I wouldn't worry too much about counting ounces and keeping track when it comes to solids. That's the beauty (one of the many actually) of baby-led weaning which is how we introduced solids to our son. Just be sure that you are offering the formula before the solids since formula should remain your baby's primary source of nutrition within the first year. Solids are more for fun, exploring new tastes, smells, and's all about learning and not so much about nutrition. Also, on a related note, I strongly encourage you to start introducing more solid whole foods. Offer things from your plate (within reason of course). Don't force it, just let your little one hold it, play with it, and put it in his mouth. Just have fun:)

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Following your baby's cues during feeding time will ensure that your baby is eating the proper amounts of food for him or her.

There is no "set-in-stone" guideline or chart of exactly how many jars of baby food or how many 8 ounce bottles of formula each baby should be receiving. This is simply because each and every baby is different. Babies will eat as much food and drink as much breast milk and/or formula as they need.

For example: You may wonder how it is possible that your friend's 7 month old baby is eating 2 whole jars of baby food (8-9 oz) in one day while your 7 month old baby barely manages to eat 3 or 4 baby food cubes (3-4 oz) of food per day. You may also wonder why your baby nurses every 2 hours at 7 months old while your friend's baby may only nurse every 3 or 4 hours. Again, each baby has different food and milk needs and these needs are just right for the individual baby.


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at 9 months my son was eating atleast 4 things of baby food and about six bottles of formula through out the day of course..but it also depends on the child..and also i was putting cereal in atleast two of his bottles..he loved/loves to eat..and i have also noticed boys like to eat alot more then some cases..but as long as he seems like he is getting enough to eat then i wouldn't change what you are doing..but if you feel like he isn't try feeding him a little more during feeding time..i had the same question when my son was that age..i was scared that i wasn't feeding him enough are that i was feeding him to much but i learnt that they will let you know when they had enough or that they want more..

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My son is 7.5 months and he eats about 40oz of formulas and a jar of veggies, jar of fruits and half a jar of meat or chicken. I make my own food but I have a bunch of baby jars i store it in so i know portions and whatnot

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I agree with what other moms stated in that it depends on the baby. Like you though, I like to have "norm" guidelines to go by just so I have an idea of what some babies eat.

Based on my research, most babies at 9 months drink between 16-32 ounces of formula (or breast milk) and eat solid foods 3 times a day. I started a parenting website, to help answer questions like this.

Please refer to this link for more information on how much most babies drink: or this link on baby food:

Remember to check with your baby's doctor as well.

Good luck! (Don't forget to enjoy meal time with your baby and take some pictures to capture the first foods.)

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At 9 months my daughter was eating only formula and only about 32oz a day. Check with your doctor as long as his weight is on track and he's not suffering from malnurishment he;s fine, all babies eat diffrent amounts of food. And it seems to change when they switch from formula to milk at 1yr.

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