eI dont want to be with my husband anymore advice please

Vanessa - posted on 11/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Ladies I need advice please. me and my husband met 3 years ago fell in love and you know I got pregnant and we decided to get married he was the nicest person ever he treated me good and I loved him very much when our first daughter was born it was so crazy cause that day I had decided to leave him due to so much fighting he was starting to be so controlling well that day my water broke. my mom took me to the hospital and I called him to meet me at another hospital because they were gonna transfer me because I was barely 35 weeks and wanted to make sure the baby had special equipment just in case it needed the nicu well we got there and he never answered me I called him like 30 billion times until he answered well it was 5 something in the morning but he didn't show up till like 10 in the morning I was mad. well when I was about to have the baby he left me there. called my mom and sister and they went. had baby well since that day everything changed. he never wants to go near my family. the controlling got so bad while I was at the hospital he would call me to tell me bad words I was so miserable he never did once go to the hospital when I had the baby not even to go see the baby I left to my parents house and that night he was calling me to please give him another chance and I did. but nothing ever changed I didn't talk to my parents for about 2 months I couldn't talk to them cause he would break my phones and he would hit me. I was so stupid for going back with him. that june I went back with my parents and that night he decided to go to my parents house drunk. well that night also decided to get mad at me and he slashed all the tired in my parents car. I called the police on him and he got arrested. well I went to court and they put a restraining order so he couldn't go near me well we ended up getting back together I know im stupid..i just wanted a family. well he has changed a little bit I can now talk to my parents and see them but he still gets mad at me when I talk to them on the phone he SAYS there annoying and I can never go visit that if they want to see me and the kids they have to come over where I live which is not close by. I cant do nothing I want we only do what he wants. he calls me a fat bitch and other mean names. Im so unhappy I am now expecting my 3 baby and we are fighting who is gonna take care the kids I want my mom to come over to take care of them, but he doesn't, only his mom. im so mad how am I gonna tell my mom no . his mom had them last time. idk what to do because he is so mean there isn't a day I don't cry I feel lonely and depressed


Kayla - posted on 11/22/2013




He girl u have a lot going and we as women when we have kids by a guy of course we want a family but a unhealthy relationship is not good. Also I think u need to pray and ask god for some direction and guidance and do what bests for u and your kids. Feel free to hit me up anytime kcrew82@hotmail.com take care

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