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Kirsty - posted on 04/08/2010 ( 11 moms have responded )




i have a 19 onth old lil girl and ue another lil bundle of joy in sept...i didnt breast feed my little girl but i want to try and breast this one but also want to express so daddy dosent miss out on feeding time!! wots the best kind of pump would you recomend?? also my children are mixed race half white half asain..and am stuck for a name this time i want a islamic name but sounds quite english aswell my lil girl is called mysha!!


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Jessica - posted on 04/08/2010




I too would recommend an electric double pump. I got a Medela Pump in Style (which is easy to carry with you places, in case I had to go back to work) and it worked pretty well.

To be honest though, I didn't use it nearly as much as I thought I would! I had the idea that I would pump a lot so that other people could feed him and I could get a break... but I found pumping to be a huge pain in the @ss and found it much easier to just nurse my baby instead! Its not really a "break" because even if someone else gives the baby a bottle for a feeding, you still have to pump for that "feeding" in order to keep your supply up.

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I say BOTH!! I wanted to breastfeed and I am kind of stubborn I don't work well the advisors lol so I did it all on my own.. all the research and just called the hospital for questions I didn't get answers for. Medela is the the way to go 100%.. expensive but worth every penny! I had a manual medela and electric dual. I used my manual for discrete places and electric any other time.. I didn't Breastfeed in public.. my pump was my friend :)

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i used the medela double pump, it worked great!! definetly reccomend it. Its a bit pricey, but my insurance actually covered it, I'd look into it.

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i agree with rachelle..but manually works too. the more the baby feeds off your breast the more your breasts will pump. thats what my nurse told me :)

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About names, are you having a boy or a girl? My daughter's name is Eleanor Sabbah. In Arabic Nor means Light, and Sabbah means morning. Sabbah ha noor is a greeting meaning morning of light, or another way to say good morning, and my daughter was born in the morning. It also comes from my grandmother Eleanor, and my husbands grandmother Sabbah. My husband is the oldest of five boys born in america but of Palestinian decent. Their parents made sure they all have a name they can use either here or in the middle east. Some of their names are Fareed Zachary, Noah Khalil, Jaffer, Yousif (Joseph), and Adam. It is nice to give a name with meaning, Either personal or literal. Fareed means "unique" in arabic. These are just some ideas.

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I have a Medela dual electric pump, and I love it. In fact, it even comes with a bottle nipple that you can immediately put on one of the collection bottles, pass to daddy, and viola! =)

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I also have the Medela Swing which I love. If you are going to be working I would suggest one of the double pumps. They are more expensive but you can do both sides at the same time and save time, a friend of mine had one of the Medela double pumps not sure which one.

Jessica - posted on 04/08/2010




I had the same issue as Kelly and the lactation consultant suggested i used the Medela Swing Breast Pump and it works great! Definitely electric! Manual is very time consuming. Pumps are quite expensive but it is worth it to buy a good one.

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My baby didn't latch on, so I had to pump in order to breastfeed. My doctor recommended a Medela advanced dual pump. It mimics the baby's sucking action to keep the milk supply up. Pumping regularly sometimes causes the milk supply to decrease, so choose a pump that mimics the baby to reduce the odds of that happening.
This is the one I used and I absolutely loved it:

Rachelle - posted on 04/08/2010




mysha is a beautiful name and i deffinitly recomend electric all the way i hated using the mannuel one very time consuming....

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