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Katherine - posted on 03/26/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




If you don't feel like being infuriated, pissed, and downright disgusted, you really should stop reading now. You do? Okay, here we go.

Caroline Bull told her boyfriend, Luke Stringer, that she had incurable cervical cancer and only had six months to live. She also said that it was her last wish to walk down the aisle with him. So, what did helplessly heart-broken Stringer do? He immediately dropped to one knee and asked her for his hand in marriage. Elaborate wedding arrangements, lavish lobster dinners, and over $6,000 for cancer research later, he found out she made the whole thing up.

But it doesn't stop there.

This disgusting excuse for a human being -- and I hate to even call her human -- went so far as to ask her fiance for things like a certain song be played at her funeral -- and for him to get some of the lyrics tattooed on his arm. (He did.) She also requested that the men wear pink ties with white shirts at her wedding, and pink ties with black shirts at her funeral. Bull even went as far as to tell her fiance that she was being flown to Brussels by helicopter for surgery, complete with giving him a nurse's phone number and all. Stringer says:

I got texts from this nurse saying Caroline had almost died on the operating table and her prayers were with us. I was distraught. I assume now it was just Caroline texting me.

The jig was up when her roommate noticed that all the checks made out to Cancer Research were still at the house, but the cash -- and Caroline -- were missing. Eventually, she was found and arrested.

I mean, I can't -- I don't even know what to say. As someone who has lost someone very dear to them to cancer, I really don't know if I could think of something worse. It's unbelievable that someone could go through with this. I don't know how you wouldn't die of guilt in the process.

We all know that, unfortunately, this isn't the first time someone has lied about being sick. Some may say it's a mental illness, I say that's a crock -- these people are selfish, greedy, and completely lack any compassion for any other living thing (I guess, maybe it is a disease -- it's called being a sociopath.). People who pull these stunts tend to do so for sympathy and attention, but occasionally, it's just for cold hard cash.

I hope this Caroline Bull is locked up for the rest of her life. And even then, I'm not sure if she'll realize the magnitude of such an elaborate lie. Dealing with a loved one being ill is one of the most tramatizing, depressing things anyone could ever go through. And to cause all that pain for a few extra bucks? I hope she never sees the light of day again.

What do you think of this woman -- and others -- lying about being sick?

This is disgusting. I think she should go to jail for fraud. What do you think?


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Jodie - posted on 03/29/2011




As I'm typing this my grandma (my dad's mom) is in the hospital dying from pancreatic cancer. We're not expecting her to make the weekend. So I completely agree with you Katherine! I actually worked with somebody who lied about having a brain tumor because she didn't like her job. She asked for a leave for "treatment" and another co-worker ran into her one day at the grocery store. When she was asked how she was doing, it had been about 6 months, she just started laughing and said "You really believed that? I made it all up" I was completely disgusted that somebody would stoop to that level because she didn't have the guts to quit.

Kristen - posted on 03/29/2011




This angers me but I want to end this on a different note. I lost my 4 year old nephew to cancer. I watched him take his last breath and leave this awful world after struggling with cancer. It is now my mission to help raise money for cancer research. I am determined to over shadow evil heartless people like this with my love and commitment to helping those that are truly in need. I have full confidence that in due time she will get what she has earned and I have no worries that it will ever lack in punishment for her selfishness. But please know that there are people out there raising money that are honest and truthful. I participate in Relay for Life where all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and in turn help those who need the care and love. I just hope that people like her do not hinder anyone from donating. It just goes to show that you have to be careful who you donate to.

Dionne - posted on 03/29/2011




I unfortunately know cronic liers and she probably does not think she even did anything wrong. Jail is not going to help her understand what she did wrong even though it will stop her from doing it again. I remember vaguely another story like this I think the person or people were put in jail and had to work on paying back the money. Maybe she will wind up with cancer down the road, wouldn't that be ironic......People do all sorts of stealing. sad, because those of us who are trying to be honest and get financially in trouble due to real life problems can't get any relief but we tough it out and eventually figure it out.

Jane - posted on 03/28/2011




Just so you all know, this month Caroline Bull pled guilty to fraud and was sentenced to 200 hours of community service. It doesn't say anything about an engagement but says she defrauded her employer of £8,500 in sick pay, and apparently sidetracked £4,500 in donations to a cancer charity. The article is here: http://newsfrombrighton.co.uk/brighton-a...

Brandis - posted on 03/28/2011




omg i dont know how she did it, i would definitely not be able to pull that one off..im a horrible liar, i feel guilty when i buy myself something every once in awhile...takes a certain type of person to do that

Ambyr - posted on 03/28/2011




Jail would be good for her! I just watched my sister in law pass away last october to cancer and its nothing to joke about! Horrible

Katherine - posted on 03/28/2011




Not only that, she used an organization to get money for herself!!!!! She should have several counts.

Ashleigh Jade - posted on 03/28/2011




She - and people like her are disgusting.
I agree she should serve time for fraud.

Katherine - posted on 03/28/2011




People suck, in all shapes and forms. All I have to say is that she has better get a jail sentence. I have cancer in my family too.
It's not just that either, I mean is she so dumb to think she wouldn't get caught???

Stifler's - posted on 03/27/2011




Caroline Bull, what an appropriate name. You'd have to be mentally ill to make up a scam like that. Cancer is not a joke and saying you have it when you don't and for monetary gain is a massive insult to those who have suffered.

Megan - posted on 03/27/2011




My fiance lost his Nanny to ovarian cancer, and this is just sick. I have no words to describe the fury I'm feeling about this right now. How in the hell could she do that to someone who loves her so much, knowing what lying about that kind of things means! And especially all they crack-pot things she asked him to do in the process. It's as if she had no idea what cancer really means for most people. I cannot even fathom how low and desperate this woman is.

Tara - posted on 03/27/2011




I agree, she should go to jail for fraud. I lost an aunt and uncle to cancer (throat and spine, respectively) and I have a friend who had a full mastectomy and is undergoing chemo right now. Anyone who can do this kind of thing for money is a disgusting creature who should be in jail.

Bonnie - posted on 03/27/2011




Geez. I don't know how anyone could have the guts to do something like this.

Louise - posted on 03/27/2011




I agree. I have also lots a sister in law very young to skin cancer and seeing her go through absolute hell will live with me for the rest of my life.

This woman is dispicable, I think a jail sentence should go along with working on a cancer word where she can learn the true meaning of this terrible disease. Words fail me how low people go to get attention.

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