everything in the mouth... at age 4???

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I have two boys, 1 is 4 1/2yrs, the other is almost 2yrs. The 4 yr old constantly has a thumb, finger, hand, shirt sleeve or collar, toy etc in his mouth.... This just started over the last month or so. We've been trying to break him of sucking his thumb, so now everything else goes in his mouth. The only reference I've found similar to his situation suggests that the reason for such behavior is insecurity, and recommendations include getting the kids around other kids thier age, make sure you can spend time with them and get them involved in activities (age appropriate, of course)....

I keep rather busy, keep him around a variety of friends, he's in pre school 3 days a week, and I make sure to spend time with him. We've also tried every suggestion we've heard to break him of the thumbsucking, finger sucking, etc. I'd appreciate if anyone could share their stories of help, hope, etc. because this boy is driving me up a wall, and seriously needs to keep his mouth clean. He does have a lovie, so it's not like it he has nothing else....


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my 3 year old is the same, she has always been like this, it is more when she is on her own, when she is at preschool she is fine,when she is at her ballet swimming or trampolining lessons she is fine, sometimes i do think it is cos she is bored and lonely she is an only child, but sometimes she does it when she is upset or just for attention. i have tried all sorts, most of the time she is fine, its just when she is lonely. when she is busy and occupied she is fine, thats the only thing i can think of just keep him occupied and doing stuff it takes his mind of wanting to eat his way out his clothes.....good luck, if anyone suggests any better solutions let me know i could do with some too

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