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That depends on how far along you are and if you exercised before you got pregnant...if not then I would just walk leasurely and take it slow. While exercise is good for mom and baby it is better not to work out or to just walk or swim if you didn't exercise before getting pregnant. There are other exercises that are meant for pregnant women....Idk any particular sites but I'm sure you could google it.

Alicia - posted on 01/31/2010




My ob said she did while she was preg. Stay hydrated. Don't get your pulse up too high. Stop if you feel any straining or out of breath. And I'd say, double check w/ your doc to be sure. Oh, and if you are not usually a runner, then I'd say no for sure. If you usually run when not pregnant, then i bet it's ok. I didn't run, since I am not a real runner ususally, but I kept up fast walking till the end. I found I got lots and lots of braxton hicks contractions though and that made it hard.

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