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Hi lovely moms!My LO is 17weeks old and she does not like ti leave me atall.Once my husband is off to work she sticks to me like a candy.She wants me to be around her round the clock.It really becomes difficult for me to complete house chores as if I leave her even for a second she cries a lot.Really seeking for help. Is this just a phase?Is anyone else having same problem?I am really exhausted.


Kristen - posted on 08/05/2015




This is a very clingy stage for children, as a child will have a strong psychological bond with their mothers at that age. It's completely normal for her to do this at that age, so yes, it is most likely just a phase. She just wants to be with someone, after all, children hate to be left all alone! If you really need some alone time though, I suggest you leave her alone for a bit. I know hearing her cry may be frustrating or may be hard for you to hear, but it may be helpful for her to be alone for a little while. If you leave her alone for a while, over time the separation will become easier and easier.

When you do spend time with her though, make sure you stay positive! If you're acting negative and aren't showing much confidence, she'll catch onto that.

Hope this helps! c:


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