Expecting Again!

Rebecca - posted on 05/26/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I was wondering if anyone has been in this situation or has any advice. I recently found out I am expecting again. Although most people would be thrilled ( which we are), I am just so scared. See I have a 6 month old. I am freaking out because I have no family around that can help us and I feel like I am taking away attention from my baby. I have horriable morning (lets just say all day) sickness. It breaks my heart that I can't hold my baby when she needs me because I am so sick. I am worried what will happen when I have this new baby my current baby is only going to be 14 months old. Does anyone have any advice?


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Robyn - posted on 05/26/2010




my youngest two are 10 months apart. the way i handled it was, i would have my now 7year old daughter help me change her lil brotherand feed him. it seemed to help her adjust to having another baby in the house. it makes them feel useful almost like they are needed for help. and now they are extrermly close. they look oout for eachother all the time.

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It's not easy. Mine are all 22 months apart so not as close as yours but I have the same feelings with this one. #3. But it will work out just remember "God never gives us more then we can handle" Good luck

Heather - posted on 05/26/2010




if you have the means, try hiring a doula. they are like a glorified gramma. they help take care of your baby (babies in your case), do household chores whatever you need. and they have to take classes so it's not like hiring the kid down the block.
don't worry, even if a doula is out of the question, you will do fine. it will take a few weeks, but you will get a system that works for you. don't frett. enjoy.

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