Extended pregnancy brain/extreme hormone issues?

Elizabeth - posted on 01/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




In advance, I'd like to apologize for only coming on here to rant and post ridiculous questions ever since finding this site a few weeks ago.

Since I got pregnant back in 2011, things haven't been the same. Before pregnancy, I had the patience of a Goddess. I used to be able to code a website, repair 5 laptops surrounding me in a circle, work on a handheld system, mod a console and listen to music all at the same time (yeah, I'm a nerd). Now, I can't even handle my crying toddler and pouring a sippy cup of milk. It's like multi-tasking is impossible.

I feel like I forgot how to do everything. I used to blame it on "pregnancy brain" as did my doctors. While pregnant, I began having extreme hormonal issues at 7 months pregnant. All the doctors were surprised when I had no thyroid issue after several rounds of tests, but they're convinced it'll happen in the next few years as thyroid disease runs in my family. It was so bad, I had started lactating significantly, forgetting key information (even how to walk back home from a short distance away or drive), and had a ton of physical symptoms no one could explain. After birth, I was producing 90oz of milk a day and couldn't stop pumping. I couldn't remember anything, including names and words of objects. 3 specialists were stumped and simply told me "hopefully my memory would improve" and "it's a blessing from god to produce so much milk." My OB told me he has had a few women over the years who had the issue with memory loss, but not the milk surplus.

Baby is now 14 months old and my memory has slightly improved, but I still can't concentrate for anything and we found out I'm pregnant with baby #2. Tasks I used to be great at I simply cannot handle and no one can understand it. Part of my brain is missing. I don't remember how to do things I did for years, like programming or other tech work (I've been doing this stuff for 12 years), but some has VERY slowly started to come back to me. Like a person who forgot a second language they spoke (programming is essentially language). People think I'm making it up. Last week I had an intake for a therapist but they don't know anything about hormonal pregnancy issues.

Has anyone ever heard of this or know how I can get my memory back to where it was?


Sarah - posted on 01/15/2013




Have they tested you for post partum depression? I know it may not cover all your symptoms, but the lack of being able to multitask and the edginess you get when trying to handle your child and pour a Sippy cup of milk leads me to think it could be a sign of depression. Also, depression can cause hormonal changes, like what you had towards the end of your pregnancy, which can cause you to lactate. See if your OB can refer you to a specialist for post partum. It may seem silly, especially if you have no other signs of depression, but it is worth a shot at getting things straightened out.

Were you on a birth control after delivering your first? I know you said you were pumping, but that don't mean you were nursing. It could have been a side affect of the birth control if you were on one.

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