Falling Asleep at 7 mths old

Jill - posted on 03/27/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My seven month old daughter is a very active baby, even when she's tired. At her 6 mth ped's appt, my dr told me I needed to start letting her go to sleep on her own. Though I had tried this a couple times up til then, I really hadn't pushed it. Now, for the last three weeks, I have tried a couple times each day to rock her til she's really sleepy, and then put her in her crib. She immediately starts rolling around and crying. I have tried to let her cry it out, more than a dozen times already, and she lasts for 45 minutes or longer. Only once since she has been born has she actually fallen asleep without being in my arms. Two other factors: (1) her daddy can't stand to hear her cry ... if she cries too long, he gets upset and either tells me to go get her or goes and gets her himself and then hands her to me to rock back to sleep and (2) She's currently teething and has been since the last dr appt. Her first tooth has pushed through, but only a little bit, so she's very uncomfortable. Short of kicking him out for the next month til all this is solved, I am out of ideas. Any advice?


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Jen - posted on 03/27/2010




My 8 month old daughter goes to sleep on her own, and I have never made her cry it out. To train her to get to sleep by herself, I started by laying her down in her crib and rubbing her back while standing next to her crib as soon as she showed signs of being tired. After she started getting to sleep this way, I worked on laying her down and standing next to the crib while she fell to sleep. Now, I can lay her down in her crib, and she falls to sleep without me being in the room.

Grace - posted on 03/27/2010




If her daddy can't stand the sound of her crying, then when you put her down for a nap have him go outside and take a walk, or have him go do an errand or something. It's really tough listening to the baby cry to sleep, but it can be done.

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