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Erica - posted on 07/28/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Ok, My cousin is just 16 and we decided to hire her for the summer to help around the house with our daughter while I care for our Newborn. We agreed for a set amount for 2-3 days a week until Band camp started the second week of August. My son was born on July 5th and I was on Bed rest for 8 weeks. Since we agreed to this in June she's only been to the house 5 or 6 nights. We agreed on a set amount but told her the more she came and helped the more she'd get paid. She now has texted me asking for her money. My husband and I don't feel like she's earned the set amount so I questioned if she was planning to come any more this summer and she said she didn't know it depended on Band camp. I picked a few dates that worked around her band camp schedule and said I needed her those dates and I would get back with her tomorrow about her money. She didn't respond to my text. I"m worried about causing issues between her and my parents since they are quite close but I'm not forking over that amount of cash for 6 days of half ass work! She mainly sat here on the couch playing on my computer watching animal planet she only took my daughter out to play when I asked her to. We bought her a bed, tv, and dvd player so she could be comfortable we stocked the cabinets with food she wanted and she hasn't been here enough to freakin eat it! Am I out of line being this frustrated? At 16 I would have killed for a job this easy and would never abuse family this way. What do you think should I go in with guns blazing or let it go for the sake of peace and just pay her the set amount even though I don't feel she's earned it??


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Christy - posted on 07/29/2011




Pro rate her pay and pay her ONLY for the work she did. This is how the "real world" works and she won't learn a thing if you pay her more than she is owed. And be calm about it, don't get mad, just tell her why you are only paying her X amount of dollars, plain and simple.

Chrystal - posted on 07/29/2011




If it were me I would talk to her calmly about how you are only going to pay her what she has earned. If you pay her what you agreed upon even though she didn't do the work she was supposed to, then she will go through life thinking it's ok to only do lazy work and no consequences. Good luck.

Lisa - posted on 07/29/2011




If she wasn't there to work, you don't need to pay her. Pay her for the days she has worked. If her parents don't understand that, there's more problems than a lazy kid. At 16, I can see where she would have needed direction on what to do. On the days she is scheduled to come back in, write a list of expectations and chores she is supposed to do. Be specific - Read 6 books, play outside 60 minutes, do dishes x times, do this, that, etc.

Carolee - posted on 07/29/2011




If anybody asks, tell them the truth. She did not do the amount of work previously agreed upon, so she will not get the agreed-upon amount of money. When she gets a "real" job, they will only pay her for when she shows up, and if she does not do a satisfactory job, she will get fired. She needs to learn responsibility. Even though it's family, it's still a job.

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