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My husband has a friend and his friend has a daughter and she does not like our daughter, my husband and I asked our daughter that is 12 years old why does the other girl does not like you she said to us that she asked to immature and she dress immature. Some of the outfits that my daughter picks out is a little immature but I don't say nothing to her I just let her pick it out and wear it. My husband's friends daughter is only 10 and she acts very mature for her age and she dressed very mature for her age too. should I not let the other girl get to our brains or let it bother us just leave it alone I have no clue how a normal 12 years old girls supposed to be dressing. I will not let my daughter go to school with holes in their jeans Apparently that is in fashion but not in the fashion and not home. And nothing too tight nothing too short. Besides any holes something tight and Too Short what else is there that is 12 years old should be wearing. I think I need some help. There was some outfits that I let my 12 years old and yes you will see the on a 8 years old child maybe that could be it.


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Hi @ Cassie, all I can say is. you certainly shouldn't let a 10 year old opinion of how to dress get to you or bother you.
A 10 year old dressing so mature for her age is not something your daughter needs to aspire to in order to gain her friendship. if your daughter is happy with her choice of cloths, then support her choice, I'm sure as she continues to grow and mature in age, her fashion style will change. Decent clothing for her age is the best and not revealing fashion styles. When my daughter was 12, she wore normal Jeans and t-shirts and sweatshirts for casual outings and dresses and skirts for church or formal events. I made sure skirts and dresses were not too short or revealing so that when she sat down she was well covered.

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Actually, Carol, she has a right to be concerned for her child's apparel that she wears.

Mom--if it is your standards that your child wear clothing that covers but fits well and does not have tears, holes, and such in them; then that is your choice. No child, regardless being yours or not; should not have a say in how your kids dress in the home or at school.

This 10 year old is not really mature for her age and is most likely dressing beyond what is appropriate for her years. No girl should be dressing with holely clothing, tight clothing, too short clothing or things not meant for that age. She should be in clothing that fits her well enough and is the right length and so forth but you can not dictate to the parents this--they chose to let her wear inappropriate clothes, then that is their choice.

The fashion industry caters to what everyone thinks is cool. Cool is not always appropriate and most times those fashions belong on adults not children.

You decide what your child wears not what others say they should.


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Therese - posted on 02/14/2018




Your daughter is approaching teenagehood and her style will be a bit different. However, you should be active in what she chooses to wear and even give her advice on appropriate dress. At this age, they need lots of guidance so I encourage you to journey with her.

Andrew - posted on 02/13/2018




Dose the dress coed at her school, not this you as to what, and what not to wear?

Carol - posted on 02/11/2018




What difference does it matter if holes in jeans or not ?
Yes part of today’s fashion and many years ago too in the punk era.
Sounds like you could have far better things to worry about than her choice in clothes

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