Father's Day (any suggestions?)

Danielle - posted on 06/14/2011 ( 9 moms have responded )




So since FD is coming up I am racking my brain trying to come up with a creative way to celebrate. I'm on a small budget due to my husband saying he doesn't want anything. He thinks that I have conceded and I'm not getting him anything but I refuse to do that. I've done the whole tool thing..he has tools coming out the butt and doesn't need anymore. I refuse to buy him clothes b/c he is so picky (bought him a nice shirt for our ann and he doesn't like the way it fits so its still in a bag. Grrr...) I plan on cooking him a nice dinner but I do that every night so that's not good enough in my oppinion lol. Any suggestions?


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Im having the same problem, ive come to the conclusion that the thing he wants most is free, some sexy time. So a nice dinner, take care of givin the boy a bath(my son) and putting him to bed, then just having bedroom time. Lets face it men are simple, and all of the ideas before are great, pics are wonderful memories, cards and a golf game, all of which any guy would think is great, but i think we think they like it more than they really do, sex is free and by far his favorite. My son is only 5 months so i cant really involve him, i think if your kids are older maybe a nice walk or outing as a family. Good luck!

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if you live in the US I may be able to help... I plan on waking up before him and cooking him breakfast in bed.. and I bought him a frame a while ago that says #1 dad (he got that for fathers day one year) we have never filled it so I had my SIL send me pics of him and my SS after he was born and I am taking a pic of him and our son after he was born and I am collaging them together to make one picture and putting it in the frame.. along with a card and I am going to make him a big dinner... (the signifigance aside from just the pic is that he hasn't seen his other son in almost 6 years but i always try to incorporate him in our lives) you can go to walmart or a CVS/Pharmacy in your area and have prints made for under a dollar or you can have coffee cups or blankets or photo books made.. just depends on what would work for your hubby! you can also edit the photos and add text to them and borders or you can go to the picnik app on facebook and edit pics and send them via internet to you local CVS/Pharmacy and a lot of time they have a special running that if you sign up for an account with them online you can get 50 free 4x6 prints. the account doesn't cost anything... (i used to work for CVS lol) but good luck and i hope this helps!

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Why don't you have one of the kids make him something?

Edit: Oops didn't see all of those suggestions.

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a hanes plain white t shirt, t shirt transfer with clip art like car tools something he likes with worlds best daddy and use the puffy paint to put your kid(s) hand prints and age Even if he's picky about clothes dad's love it..

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Write him a letter of memories... Tell him why you would chose him all over again and what makes him such a good Daddy

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I like Brittany's collage idea. You can get a collage of pictures on 8x10 photo paper at Walgreens.

This year I actually have a big day planned! Things just fell into place; I normally don't do a great job at surprising him. Oh, and our Father's Day will be on Friday because he's working on Sunday.

Several weeks ago I decided to be tighter than normal with my grocery and spending money. I managed to save quite a bit, so I'm taking him to Home Depot to let him get a little crazy. We've been doing without some yard equipment that he could actually use.

We just so happened to make an appointment to check out a grass-fed cattle farm in our area (we are food nerds). So we'll be doing that before the Home Depot trip. The toddler will LOVE the cows.

For lunch we will go eat pizza...his favorite that he never eats, because it's expensive and not healthy.

I happened to find "Daddy's Little Girl" t-shirts in my daughters' sizes on clearance a few weeks ago. So the girls will be wearing their new t-shirts. =)

I also thought about getting the girls to put handprints or footprints on a nice flower pot. My husband loves flowers. But I haven't gotten the things together for that yet, so it may not happen. I have enough for FD already, so I might save that idea for Christmas or something.

So basically we are going to spend the day together doing things HE loves to do, and the girls will be wearing sweet t-shirts. But like I said, I NEVER am able to have this much planned. Christmas was kind of lame on my part. I'm really excited!

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Here are some ideas I had for my hubby, obviously didnt do them all (or would be broke) but are things I was thinking about:

Certificate for afternoon of golf (or some other sport/activity he likes), a gift that he can use to play with the kids that you dont have, a 'certificate' book to get him out of chores he doesnt like, a shirt/jacket that matches the kids where you take a pic of it for him to keep.

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