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my baby turned 8 months today but her eating habits has changed what should I do she's not eating like she used too..she usually have three bottles a day now she only had one bottle for the whole day


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Are you introducing solids yet? That will make a difference on how much milk she eats.
Also if the temperature is high make sure you offer your baby some water (boiled then cooled to room temperature).Another thing that you should do is to check is if she doesn't have a problem in her mouth, like scratch on the roof of the mouth, or bacterial/fungal infection, (white or yellow patches at the back of the throat, and tongue, around gums (if the mouth/breath smells... it's likely there's something going on). If you see that there is something going on in the mouth I would suggest to see a doctor or a nurse. The important part is to make sure that her weight is not dropping. My son is 7 and a half months and his eating habits have changed as well. I started introducing solids at around 6 months, now he eats 3 times a day solids and about 3-4 (250 ml) bottles of milk.Usually he is falling asleep while bottle feeding but some times he is just refusing to eat until he is half asleep. I find it that some days he eats more when he is sleeping (right after he falls asleep I would offer him bottle and he would finish a good part of it). At nights whenever he is moving in bed I offer him bottle and he eats. This are some of the things that I have experienced. My mom told me that when I was a baby I would go all day with barely drinking any milk if it was hot outside/inside. Instead I would just gobble water. If you try some of the things that I mentioned and do not see any result, or if you are concerned about her weight, make sure to talk to a doctor.
I hope this helps you.
Let me know how you're doing later on.

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