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Lena - posted on 12/10/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




Hi everyone. I have a baby boy named Jaiden who is nine and a half months old. He has his two front, bottom teeth but I am kind of weary in giving him cheerios, puffs, or yogurt snacks. I feel like he may choke. Am I being too weary? What do you think? BTW, he's eating solids but its mashed so there isn't too much chewing involved. Should I be exposing him to chewing.....?


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every first time mom feels like that 7-9 months is when you can start giving your baby finger foods when they look at your food when your eating its time to give him some stuff an when they reach for your plate so if he is doing that then he is ready the puffs by gerber an the wheels by gerber are great first time foods an the baby bitter biskets are good to what i did for those (biskets) is i gave the whole thing to my son an when it got little i just threw it away an then gave him another one. when a baby is ready to feed them self you have a window of opportunity an its not a big window to wear you can miss it an kids can have feeding problems like bad once. as long as you right there everything will be ok my son is twenty months an has never choked on anything yet just dont never leave while he is eating food

Laurie - posted on 12/11/2009




I wouldn't wait too long to start a variety of foods or you are going to have a picky eater on your hands. In general, they can eat pretty much anything they can mash up with their tongue and once they have at least the two top and bottom teeth they can eat a fair amount. I would however make a habit of watching very carefully while he is eating as if he does start to choke you need to be right there to fix it. That said, my now two year old has never choked on anything and he eats anything and everything. Early foods he liked - rice krispies, cheerios, cheese cubes, yogurt, rice crackers (Mum Mums), pureed fruit like apples and pears. It didn't take long before he wanted more texture and wouldn't eat pureed stuff any more.

Jane - posted on 12/11/2009




our 10 month old still has no teeth and she eats everything, cheerios, gold fish crackers, chicken fries, french fries, Kix cereal, cupcakes, pasta, etc. as long as you are close by when he is eating, he should be okay. kids usually start choking when they laugh with food in their mouth or cough with food in their mouth. i am careful not to give her any food when we're in the car b/c i can't see her and i'm deathly afraid that i'll hit a bump and something will lodge in her throat.
i will never forget the day that our 2 and 1/2 yr old started to choke. she was 9 months old and i had given her a piece of bread and when i turned to get something in the diaper bag, my MIL started shoving baby food down her throat. OMG! she turned to me w/tears in her eyes and was grabbing for me. i promptly went into adrenaline rage, grabbed her out of the high chair and whacked her on the back. when my MIL said, "i didn't know she had anything in her mouth!", i said, "don't your EVER feed her again! I am her mother!" it was a very quiet ride home from the restaurant that night. i realized that you will never "hear" a child choking. which is why i never leave the room when my kids are eating.
i do think that the harder foods help their teeth break thru and the little food are great for their motor skills.

Preeti - posted on 12/10/2009




Lena, try giving him small pieces so he wont choke. once he's used to the idea of chewing cunks before swallowing you can let him bite his own food. Let him set the pace

Jessica - posted on 12/10/2009




you may want to wait on the cheerios until there are more teeth but the puffs disolve without chewing, and also the yogurt snacks need a little bit of chewing, I waited with my son until i saw him trying to "chew" and i think he had some teeth on top and bottom. I used to work with young children for about 8 yrs before having kids and sometimes you just need to try new foods out to see if your child is at that stage to start them, maybe you can try the puffs to see if he likes them and the texture and maybe try the cheerios in a month or so. and dont worry about asking questions thats how moms learn, we take information and opinions from other mothers and make them work for their family, one thing may work for one mom but not for another, you have done a good job so far he looks healthy, just keep up the good work and try not to stress to much.hope this helps and sorry so long i cant stop sometimes.

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if you feel uncomfortable stick to those gerber puffs they sorta dissolve on there own so he should have no problem mashing them with his bottom teeth plus you'll be right there supervising anyways. i probably wouldnt let the babysitter or anyone give him anything until ur comfortable with his chewing ability though :) at 9 1/2 months he should be more than ready to start finger foods so i wouldnt worry too much

Jamie - posted on 12/10/2009




I would. Just remind yourself that he won't get his "chewing teeth"(molars) for quite sometime. My daugter is just shy of 8 months old and already eats just about everything she can manage. I give her mac and cheese, noodles. If you don't feel safe just make sure it is something that either a dissolves quickly like the puffs, or cut it so it is so small that he can pick it up but if swallowed while won't get lodged in his throat.

I had to start my baby on these because she refuses being fed. She wants to feed herself. I know it is scary but we have to slowly let our babies become independant.

Alina - posted on 12/10/2009




i dont see any reason why he couldnt handle cheerios as long as you are watching him. mine all did even when they didnt have teeth and none of them choked on cheerios. there is also the gerber puffs you can get, they dissolve so no fear of choking. they also have a parents choice brand of them that are cheaper at wal mart! good luck and happy eating to you both!

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