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My son Elliot is 19 wks old and weighs 21lb 5onz. (He was 9lb 3onz at birth) He is on 4-5 240ml bottles of hungry baby milk per day and one rusk in one of the bottles at lunch time. I'm a first time mother and am a little scared to start feeding him mushed up stuff as i'm so worried about him getting any bigger as i really would rather have a nice healthy baby. On the packets of food it says from 4 month onwards but health visitors tell me to wait till he's six months. Also when i was preggers i had full intentions of making all my baby food from scratch but now i'm thinking organic jar's would be easier for me but feel so so guilty on Elliot as its not freshly made (is this a normal feeling?) As my husband is away alot with the TA i'm trying to make things easy for myself but what's best for my baby. He's not crawling yet so i'm wondering if when he does start moving about he will burn some of the "baby fat" off? Would be greatful for other mothers views and ideas/suggestions :-)


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Dont feel guilty.. it isnt easy making your own food all the time.. what i used to do with my sons half sister is give her mashed banana with weetabix and a tiny amount of milk for breakfast, i then used to give her a jar for lunchtime because i was usually out and then i would give her what i was having for tea in the evening. All kids go through a podgy stage and will stay like that until they have been walking for a while, i really wouldnt worry. Also i go to mother and baby groups alot and although the health visitors say you should wait until 6 months you can start giving him baby rice from now.. only a teaspoon worth until he gets used to it. start him off on rice and then introduce very bland mushy foods until 6 months then i would start giving him jars. i have some helpline numbers if you would like them and every child is different. i have an extremley hungry little man and he is only 8 weeks old and weighs 11lb 14oz already so i doubt he will be 6months before i start weaning. hope this helps

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