Feeling completely overwhelmed

Petra - posted on 11/22/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I am a stay at home mom with two kids, a 3 year old and a 5 year old. I know, I should be thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my kids but at times I feel like I just want to chunk it all and run away. Then I feel like I am this horrible mom because I am working non stop and it seems like nothing is getting accomplished. I am pretty good at managing time and I am fairly organized but I still feel like a hamster on a wheel, just running constantly and there is no end to it. Does anybody else feel the same way or do I need to just suck it up?

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Terri - posted on 03/19/2012




Yes I UNDERSTAND…lol i have a 19month old and a 5week old and it seems like at times i hate thinking about the next day becuz i know i have to care for them all over and cant send them away back to there parents because im there parent…Sometime i cry and sometime i get angry and say what was i thinking having two kids….but im thankful that the lord blessed my womb to be able to carry them and birth them and that he trusts me to raise them….so take it day by day and hour by hour….and soon they will be 18yrs old smiles

Stacey - posted on 03/19/2012




Yep, I feel like that and mine are 3 and 10 months. Its totally normal, frustrating but normal.

Linda - posted on 03/19/2012




I feel the exact same way as you do, sometimes i think i feel more overwhelmed than enjoying things. I have a 3 yr old son and a 6 yr old son and i home school my 6 yr old son, until a week ago i was a stay at home mom but i started working part time bc we needed the money and i had no time to my self. It doesn't help that most my friends live 40 min away and me and my husband share a car, but no you dont need to suck it up bc that will just fill you with resentment towards everything eventually, but since im in the same boat as you if u get any good advice could you please let me know, thank u so much

Chama - posted on 11/22/2009




lol......welcome to the club. you're just human and a mom. i have 3 kids 6,2 1/2, 5mos. just to start off ... you are AWESOME..... you have done a great job. your kids are now 3 and 5 which means you are still plugging away. keep it up. i know how you feel, because i go through that at least 2times a week, but then i ask God to help me and see my kids and hubby (cause he can be a kid too) and think i would be lost without them. i also got onto facebook and talk to other moms. i have a girlfriend that we get together one night a week, and do a puzzle. we laugh, cry and just talk. it's a great way for me and it's a night, so our kids are asleep. i do have to take the baby, but that's okay. i hope you find someone to do that with, and you are doing a great job. i and my hubby has learned if the house isn't clean today or laundry is not done.... it's okay. the other this is quiet time. in our house it doesn't matter who you are, being i babysit my neighbors son, when it's quiet time you must be in your room laying down. you can read a book..but you must be quiet. now that my oldest is in school, he's allowed to watch a movie, but it needs to be on low, and depending on his attitude he doesn't get it.(TV). i close all the windows and go to my room. the house is safe, and than i get a nap too. there's snack for the kids and i get water ready on the table if they need a drink. hang in there Petra

Stefie - posted on 11/22/2009




I agree with only doing certain tasks at certain times. I will admit I only have 15 month old, but I got to feeling that way and talked it over with my husband. He suggested the whole chores only on certain days. It has kept my house some what cleaner, and my mind a lot saner.

Christy - posted on 11/22/2009




I get you, I have a 21/2 yr old and a 1 1/2 year old and I go crazy sometimes, too. I just joined a mom's group in my area and am hoping I will get a support system out of it. It is tough work, I know. Do you have any hobbies? An opportunity to get out without the kids, like a date night or girls night out? That might help you. Also when the youngest is in school maybe you can get back to work, even if it's part time. An idea, maybe get your 5 year old to help around the house, it may not get done the way you want but it will help you get some things done. Good luck!!!

Alicia - posted on 11/22/2009




I only have one child, 18 months, and I often wonder how in the world I'll do it with more! I don't think your feelings are uncommon. It is a tough job keeping up with two young children. The sink is never empty, the floors are never clean, the toys are everywhere, dinner barely gets to the table...someone is always crying or needing you or needing to go somewhere. my sister is at home and home-schools her 5 and 7 yr old boys. I think she feels exactly the way you do. Even before they were old enough to have school work mixed in she was a mess! Just take some time to make a priority list or maybe some kind of schedule for what gets done when. If it isn't "bathroom cleaning day", don't take a second look at the baths. If it isn't the day to do laundry, put it aside. Maybe then at the end of the day you'll feel like you did what the day called for and not simply that there are 100 things to do and no more time or energy to do them. And hang in there...it really is the toughest job out there. It will likely get easier in many ways as they get older.

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