Feeling horrible! And is his toothe fixable?

Courtney - posted on 05/07/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I feel like the worst mommy ever right now..I was giving my 14 month old a bath and as we were batheing he decided he wanted to play peek a boo with mommy with the shower curtain the first few times he giggles and we had our laughs but i noticed he was getting more excited about peek a boo and i didnt want him to slip and fall or pull the shower curtain down so i then decided to tell him mommies turn and i would hold the shower curtain saveing him the fall and just incase he would have pulled it down well as im takeing it off him he turns to walk away and BOOM knocks his mouth off the tub i instantly grab him not only cuz i knew it hurt but b/c i seen blood this isnt the first time he has fell and i seen blood but now the 2nd time but the worst part is when he fell he hit his mouth and his front tooth and chipped his little tiny tooth his 1 of only 5 in his mouth! I feel horrible i cried and cried b/c i know my son will have to live with a chipped toothe until he either loses it which can be anywhere from the age 6 and up..But i dont know if it can be fixed it isnt a bad chip so im wondering if maybe a dentist could fill it in? I mean i know he wont sit still for that now but maybe when hes like 3 so i can spare 3 years..Im so hoping im not the only mom out there on this matter..My husband tells me not to worry and that it was an accident but i cant help but to wry its his tooth! I mean if it was a bruise or a scratch i could handle it but its his tooth! My hubby isnt even the slightest bit angry with me or the matter he keeps re-assuring me its okay which i get he hate to see me sad expecially if it come to something i feel i failed at and tonite i feel like i failed badly as a mom! I have never felt this way before about anything! I always thought i was an amazing mom and anyone who second guessed that in my opinion was nuts! But after tonite i dunno i just feel really bad..and i guess needed to vent nd as well feel re-usered that im not the only one this has ever happened too? I get them falling and knocking there mouth and it bleeding but its the whole tooth thing that makes me feel soo bad!


Claire - posted on 05/08/2010




our youngest had just started to move around the furniture and he went to hold onto a low table and his hand slipped and he fell forward and cracked all four of his front top teeth in half and we took him to the dentist and they gave us an appt at the hospital to have them taken out as they would affect the second teeth coming through but he is fine now. I would take your little one to the dentist just to see what they think about it so it puts your mind at rest after all we can't wrap them in cotton wool for the rest of their lives can we?

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I use this website for everything, even as my kids get older it still helps me.
You are a good mom, a bad mom wouldn't care much at all or even none at all and turn a cold shoulder to her son from getting hurt. There are people that treat their kids that way, you do not, you ARE a good mom. Listen to your husband. Accidents happen and more will happen in the future. We can never hope to prevent all of them and always sheild our children from harm, but you can be a great mom by supporting them. You did that, that's all you can do. You couldn't have predicted that he would fall and break a tooth, don't beat yourself up as if you could have known it would happen. I have only seen a child that I went to school with that broke his tooth, they just left it alone since it was a baby tooth. Also I chiped my tooth when I was a teen while playing with my dog. It was dark outside and she jumped too high hitting me in the mouth while we were ruff housing. Her teeth won, the dentist grinded my teeth down since they were perminate teeth. I like it better actually since they were buck teeth before then. See what the dentist wants to do and go from there. Your son will be fine and you will continue being a loving, caring mom as always. Your husband can be right once and a while.


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