.. Feeling Lonely and Depressed.

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Hi, I am a twenty two year old stay at home mom. I have a two year old son and my partner works full time. When I met him and before I had my son, I moved about 30-40 minutes away from my friends and my family to live with him because he works out here. I have been a stay at home mom for two years now and with nobody around me when my partner works so much, I feel very alone.
I have days when I am angry or just feel like crying. I used to manage by taking my son out and doing things outdoors. Its Winter now and its so much harder to do that. I still take him out but I don't stay out as long like in the Summer because he gets cold easily. I also used to be able to drive to the mall or something but my car is broke and we don't have money to fix it right now.
To make things worse, I have a lot of family drama going on which is really hard on me. Growing up I had a father who drank, smashed things and hurt my mother. It really took a tole on me and as I grew up it never went away. I have so much hurt and anger inside of me that I think it has a lot to do with why I feel the way I do also. When I get angry I feel like hitting things and I can't help it.. I never do around my son EVER but I feel that way and will if its just me and my partner home and he upsets me. I do NOT want to be this way, it reminds me of my dad and I am ashamed. I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel so miserable and broken. The only thing that puts a smile on my face is my son.. Even my partner makes me feel bad some days... I find we always fight now and he never listens or understands me.. I joined this site to maybe see if anyone would be going through the same or had advice for me..


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Hi Courtney i am also a stay at home mom with a two year old son. Maybe you should go to a therapist...its sound as if you are depressed.. Or try and get a day thats just for yourself,you could treat yourself and try to do stuff that you really like. I know its hard being a sahm and sometimes you just need a break. Hope you feel better soon!

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