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Alita - posted on 02/21/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Just moved to a new State and have literally no one here. My husband is still in NY and really only makes it down to NC once a month. I have 3 kids 17, 11 and 9 months old. I moved down when baby was only 2 months old. She is primarily BF and super attached to me ( I can NOT walk away from her) She also does NOT sleep through the night. Funds are a bit tight being that I am SAHM and we are only on 1 income and hubby is taking on a lot. I am feeling under appreciated and over worked and spread thin. Trying to fill all the needs of all the kids (their various ages does not make it easier) I have No release and NO time to myself. This causes me to be very cranky with hubby when I speak to him and with the older kids at times.
When I can get baby down to sleep I will do my Yoga which sometimes offers some nice release but that's like 2 times a month. Oh and she doesn't nap during the day. (did i mention that)

Help ... I need help making friends here. seems any one who I have met i am too tired or cranky to really even deal with. OMG I sound miserable. .. I am not though. I have some really wonderful times with the kids. I love being here with them.. just need some suggestions on how to make mommy friends


Kacie - posted on 02/22/2013




I find that when I decided to be a SAHM I thought it would be a lot different than it is. It has been hard and I live in the same town I grew up in and all of my friends are around me but I needed to find friends with kids. so how did I do it? I took my kids to that park and put myself out there. I opened up conversations with other moms with kids my kids ages and then I started asking if they wanted to meet there again another day the more our kids played the more mommy time I got. Look for mommy groups in your area. I know where I live there are a few on facebook that you can join together with. The church I go offers what are called small groups and one of them is a mommy's group and we meet once a week to let our kids play and us mommy's just talk about everything! It really helps!! I hope you find something that helps you! i am praying for you! It will get better!!

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