Feeling Lonely.. Suggestions or ideas?

Kell - posted on 04/03/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Im a new mum, i have a 8 month old daughter whom i adore.. but i feel i have no friends or anybody to talk to.. my partner is older than me and everytime i try to talk to him i feel like he is trying to be more of a father figure than a partner.. He always makes me feel stupid.. like i should know something i don't.. or that i dont know anything in general. so i gave up talking to him some months back.. but the problem is, most of my friends stopped calling and involving me near enough as soon as i fell pregnant.. i've tried to call and arrange things but they are always 'busy' or 'ill'.. before i had my baby girl my life was full of things to do, people to see.. and now i feel like i have nobody.. i live too far from my mum and sisters, (i live in luton, they live in birmingham) and my partner is against moving because he doesnt want to learn a new area or have to make new friends. ive tried going out and taking part in groups and things but all of the mothers there already have their little circles and i cant seem to get in there, you know? I'm all out of ideas and i just feel like my loneliness is turning into depression and i need to stop it for the benefit of my fionce and daughter.. Please help me !xx


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check to see if your local library or other area libraries offer a story hour for babies your daughters age. Mine has one for 0-18 months. I also meet lots of people through the park district classes for my son in my area. It's nice with that one because when you sign up for a new session there are always first time moms and babies as well as few who have taken the previous session.

Abigail - posted on 04/04/2013




Hi Kell,
First of all congrats on your new baby girl. Second, don't feel depressed, it's ok. It happens to a lot of us sometimes. It's in times of need when you find our who your true friends are. Most people who don't have children feel like their "peace's" gona be "disturbed" if they're around babies. But it's ok, they don't know what they're missing ;).

If you're new to the area you live in do some research and look for children friendly places such as parks with playgrounds, churches, libraries in the children section, zoo, museums and such. But your best bet would be the park, if there are other mothers out there and they see that you're around there frequently, you stand a better chance of making new friends. Or you can always befriend a couple of mums on here, a lot of us are always on and looking to make new friends as well ;)

Hope that helps, take care


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Jessica - posted on 04/19/2013




I know how you feel! If you want someone to talk to feel to message me anytime. :) You can also add me on FB if you'd like :) Jessica Joulie. My profile pic is of my daughter having tummy time :D

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