Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted... Is this normal? All the moms I know don't act like me..they all seem to have it together!

Zahra - posted on 05/22/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am 27, my boyfriend is 41, and he is the sole provider. I closed my business when I had my daughter, and I thought that if I just focused on raising my daughter that it wouldnt be this hard. Wow was I wrong. Since the birth of my daughter, I have found out that I have a pituitary gland issue (on T3 prescription to help with the symptoms), and I still don't seem to have energy. I am very lucky to have a man who loves me and our daughter that when when comes home, he takes over. It helps, but I am still tired. He even wakes up in the middle of the night with her. He owns his own company, and he farms, so with it being spring, hes working all the time. Currently, he is out of town, and will be for the whole month (excluding the weekends). I am on my third day with barely any sleep, my daughter refuses to nap, and I dont have help. I feel burned out, and I also feel bad because I dont have much energy to play much or to go anywhere (plus its raining all the time). I feel so alone in this, does any one else struggle like myself? Please, any suggestions, and comments of empathy, or just to feel like I'm not the only one would be wonderful. Thank you... =*)


Ji-Young - posted on 05/23/2013




Oh mommy. I had my first one around the same age. It's extremely hard. The adjustment from being all about what we need to having to take care of a little being that needs you for every little thing is exhausting. I cried a lot my first year as a mother. Thankfully, your husband is incredibly loving and supportive. My husband is loving but he never really helped me at nights and still doesn't after our second one. When you're exhausted and ready to just fall apart, hold your baby close and just listen to her breathing, smell her sweet baby smell, and just take that moment in. I've enjoyed my second child SO much more than my first because I relaxed a lot and didn't make every little thing the end of our lives. With my first one, I thought every little thing I did was the wrong thing and I was so stressed out. The baby just wants you. They don't care which diaper cream you use or if you are playing all the developmental games with them. They just want to be near you so just try your best to dwell on the amazing moments of knowing that you and your husband created this beautiful gift. My thoughts and prayers are with you, sister. It's hard. Being a mom is probably the most stressful, exhausting, quite lonely and depressing, yet incredibly magical state to be in. ♥

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