Feeling overwhelmed and under appreciate

JaNiece - posted on 06/19/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




So as the night ends and the guest are gone I'm feeling unappreciated. Today I washed 3 large loads of clothes cleaned the house from top to bottom (all rooms) completely decorated and changed the living room bbqed chicken ribs hot dogs, link stakes made mac n cheese from scratch for my partner her brother his girl friend and a neighbor... Made so much food for expected guest but many didn't show up. I feel terrible for complaining but I put in so much work literally haven't had a chance to relax still..... My issue is my partner is complaining about a shoulder pain when I have a whole body pain ...no Thanks for hosting nothing I mean her brother and his girlfriend thanked me but it would have been nice if I received it from her....the upsetting part is she has an attitude with me back turned and all. I did some #supermom shit tonight I must say but I feel so unhappy due to the lack of gratitude participation and affection from my better half. 😒😢😔


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Cindy - posted on 07/01/2016




I suggest doing the chores in stages to have a party. Do the house cleaning a few days before. Do the cooking the day before. The the day of their won't be so stressful.

Patty - posted on 06/19/2016




Sorry that happened. Find a time to let your partner know how you feel, carrying around stuff like that will slowly eat away, especially as more and more little things build up.

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