Feeling sick. How do I prevent my daughter from getting sick as well?

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Hey ladies. I have a few questions. Okay, I'm not feeling good at all. I have a 100 fever & my throat is sore with no appetite. I have no one else to help me watch Natalie (6 months). My mom is sick with strep and bronchitis. And my fiance is away at a family reunion. What can I do so she doesn't get sick as well? Can I still breastfeed? Please help! :/


Elizabeth - posted on 06/21/2011




Continuing to breastfeed is the best way to prevent Natalie from getting sick as the others have said.

I recommend calling your doctor asap. Let them know that you have been exposed to step throat and tell them your symptoms. Strep throat rarely goes away without treatment and the longer you wait, the worse it will get. I know that you don't have much appetite, but make sure that you are getting some food soup will feel much better going down than more solid food. Runny mashed potatoes or eggs would be easier also. Less nutritous but still with some calories is ice cream, popsicles, pudding or jello. The cold would probably make your throat feel a little better.

If your doctor puts you on antibiotics keep a good eye out for thrush in Natalie because a small amount can be secreted in the breastmilk and kill off the friendly bacteria in the mouth which keeps the thrush virus at bay. I recommend anytime anyone is on any antibiotics that they eat yogurt with active culture (as long as their physician approves it) because it prevents yeast infections. I would ask your pediatrician if there was a yogurt that baby could have if you get put on antibiotics.

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"Can I still breastfeed?" Yes! Keep nursing. That will give her antibodies to help prevent her from getting sick. If she does catch it then breastfeeding can help lessen the severity and duration. Wash your hands frequently and don't cough, sneeze or breathe on baby. Hope you feel better soon!


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Jane - posted on 06/21/2011




High fever plus really sore throat does usually mean strep, so as others have said, get to a doctor for a test. Left untreated strep can cause heart damage, but it responds very quickly to antibiotics.

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You absolutely can continue breastfeeding, and you should continue breastfeeding! Sara is correct in telling you that your breastmilk will provide antibodies to help prevent her from getting sick, and if she were to get sick, they would lessen the severity and duration of her infection.

Not only will she get the white blood cells always present in the breastmilk, she will also get the antibodies being produced specific to fighting the strain of infection you have. Remember also that if you are put on antibiotics by your doctor, you CAN continue to breastfeed her.

Drink lots of fluids, sleep when she sleeps, get to the doctor to test for strep, and I hope you feel better soon!

Constance - posted on 06/21/2011




Sounds like you need a strep test. If you have been around your mom then you probally have it too. Just go get a quick test and now doctors can give you a shot of antibiotics to prevent you from passing it to the baby. Other than that drink lots of water and your antibodies will help to protect you baby from contacting the virus as well.
A friend of my contracted mendengitis shortly after he was born. She refused meds because she wanted to nurse and with the meds for Mendengitis cause major problem for babies. She took care of herself and he never got sick.

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