Feeling trapped and lonely

Maria - posted 3 days ago ( no moms have responded yet )




Weve moved to a whole new state, no friends no family. The small town we live in has children but nothing much to do. I just had a newborn so I'm already overwhelmed. The two places kids play places are filthy, small or no air conditioning during hot seasons. I'm from a fairly big state, kinda bigger city and coming here has been stressful because my toddler has no one, nor myself. So I'm a SAHM. husband works. Even going to the park, we get looks and no new friends are made. 2 parks is all we go to. Every place is an hour or more away. Most days are 2 hot to go out so we stay indoors and I'm sad for my toddler who has no friends and watches his tablet most days. My newborn is colicky and constantly wants to be held. Because this town is so small and my children only want me I can't just leave them with just anyone, yet I feel like I'm going insane and my husband doesnt get it!!

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